Coventry City 1 Sunderland 0

Coventry City 1 Sunderland 0

Coventry City 1 Sunderland 0

Early start……

Will Grigg SAFC calendarr for March
“New month….. always exciting to change the office calendar…… oh, it’s Grigg.” (Must stock up on red wine?)
SAFC Blog setting off for Coventry v Sunderland
“What else is there to do at 7am on a Sunday morning?…….”
“I say Phillip, what a rather big game on Saturday?”….”er, it’s Sunday Steve…..”, “Fucking Sunday…. I take my ferrets to Aldi on a Sunday!”

Journey South….

Piece of piss, even less traffic on a Sunday than on a Saturday?

On the way to Coventry Sunderland

SAFCBlog was at the wheel today, but for the passengers, early starts are always tricky re: choice of ale? The term ‘a good breakfast beer’, is probably not the best lifestyle choice, but it’s a huge consideration – there’s beers that are suitable and unsuitable?

“I was on water, but this seemed like a struggle for the boys today……”

Service Stations……

I’m happy to concede that Service Stations are a bigger part of my life than they should be. Stopped at Trowell today, whilst not great, special mention for having 2 Greggs…… it’s not everyone’s preference, but at least they don’t deem it appropriate to double their prices vs the high street?

Greggs…….. SAFCBlog salutes you


Simple journey, park up, quick walk to the away end……. or not? I appreciate that Coventry fans are not fond of us, I’m also aware that some folk like a walk on a Sunday morning, but what a piss take? I’m relatively mobile, but what should have been a 2 minute walk was a 15 minute diversion.

Match day Coventry City 1 Sunderland 0
“I’d have got some sponsorship if I knew I was going on a walk round Small Heath?”

High noon……

The teams come onto the pitch - ended Coventry City 1 Sunderland 0
“Noon on Sunday? Yep, we’ll sell out no bother?”

1st Half……

On Tuesday night we started slowly, conceded early, then dominated the rest of the half. Similar story today.

2nd Half……

Hugely frustrating, we were the better side throughout. Luke goal was offside, (just seen it on TV and Luke knew).

SAFCBlog Verdict…..Coventry City 1 Sunderland 0

Coventry are a good side, giving a good side a soft goal after 94 seconds was always going to make things tough? We all know our limitations, we are lacking a cutting edge. 

Earlier in the season I referenced the Sean Dyche analogy that, giving 100% is the bare minimun….well, today everyone of them gave 100%, and for me that’s absolutely fine. We have a good manager and we have a group of players who really give a shit. Football is rightly a game of opinions, for me Gooch has had 3 poor games, for the 2nd game in a row Hume was targeted……but today we put a right shift in and were the better team, I suspect the lads on the pitch know they can’t start as slowly as they have the last 2 games.

Its not a like for like comparison, but my last visit to St Andrews 2 years ago was horrible…. I left on 55 minutes embarrassed, ashamed and annoyed at the 11 in Red & White, today, it didn’t quite work out – but I was proud of the lads.

So what happens now?

Business as usual, we go again Saturday, (1 less day to wait than usual!). We have 10 games left, we remain well placed and we are playing well. Coventry should kick on and win the league now, but that’s not the end of the world? Rotherham are wobbling – if we can go to Rotherham on the last day needing a win to go up, bring it on.

We can’t do the play offs again………

We are in the mix for the top 2, if we go in the play offs – that still represents a chance to go up? Sunderland and Wembley is not a great combination historically- but…..never look back. The ‘W-Word’ was mentioned today, with conversations about alternatives to going to the game…… ranging from a go to a spa and just check the score at 5pm ……..through to get chased by tigers as you’ll need to do something to make you not think about it, (full circle as to why breakfast beer is a questionable life choice?). I’d rather not do the play offs…. but if we have to, let’s do it? For what it’s worth, SAFCBlog thinks we’ll get automatic promotion……. but I also predicted a 3-0 win today!



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