Coventry City away previewed

I thought we’d win at Rotherham, we lost, Saturday is a tougher game, I think we’ll win🔴⚪️⚽️ Gone early with the match preview, SAFCBlog is no longer in office on a Friday, (unless we have a game obviously, Birmingham away in November and Good Friday Home Alone vs Hull in a few weeks.

Good Evans

I’m delighted he has signed a contract extension, we have a very exciting crop of players, but they are young and raw, Corey Evans is exactly what we need.

The next month…..

Tough set of fixtures

This league is mental, realistically I have us finishing about 10th, whilst that’s frustrating in one way, it’s important to acknowledge managing expectations, in July the remit was to try and stay up? All is good🔴⚪️🪑🦅⚽️✅🛏⛳️🏴‍☠️🥊🐄👙🌊🍕🪑🐶🔴⚪️⚽️❤️ When we got promoted in May, everything changed – for me, we are in a place we could have only dreamt of in the years preceding that day in May⚪️🔴❤️⚽️🐶🪑✅🏴‍☠️🍕🦅⛳️🛏💥⚪️🔴❤️

Recent history

Whilst only cranks allude to the past having any bearing on the future, we have a crap record against them.

Coventry City

We’ve got a shite record against them, in recent times it’s been 4-5, 1-1 & 1-1 against them at home, away from home it’s been 1-1 & 0-1, we are due a win?

The animosity between the fans is well documented, it was like the Wild West after the 1-1 at the Ricoh, largely due to police incompetence, (a grass bank was never going to keep fans apart?), 2 years ago at St Andrew’s it was edgy as fuck, (has there ever been a larger police presence at a game with 11’000 fans?), hopefully all is calm on Saturday ❤️⚽️

i can’t be arsed to look where Coventry are in the league, (sure this info is available online though), SAFCBlog predicts ~ CCFC 1 vs SAFC 3⚽️⚽️⚽️

Time wasting

Time merely a social construct…..

We all love watching football, VAR has been a bit of a shambles, something has to be done about time wasting though? Whilst there’s no guarantee of a good game when you pay your hard earned money, it was a disgrace at Rotherham the other night – we are being cheated of the product we pay for?

Famous Folk from Coventry

Hairy handed Taliban TV host, babysitter botherer & Dodgepot Lothario Richard Keys is from Coventry
Song writing genius Terry Hall💔, was from Coventry
SAFCBlog – Anti Sportwashing & Beheading/ Pro Manchester United Digital Media Systems – FTM

“all kinds of everything reminds me of you❤️Postcards to write❤️“ … yes Terry💔

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