COVID 1 vs Association Football 0, (Reaper, G, 13)

We are playing Hull on Saturday night, we probably shouldn’t be, we possibly won’t, we almost certainty won’t play many more games this season….. This COVID Shit is getting very fucking real now, whilst life has to go on, things have to change – Football is a fantastic game, but it is just a game. Despite the protocols in place, Premier League clubs are now getting affected/infected,,this will probably be the catalyst to suspend Association Football? SAFC are having a break from the Premiership, so I’m not really arsed about the top tier, the EFL is where it’s at!

When it all went wrong last March, the EFL didn’t really have a plan? Whether it’s a competition, a business, a wedding, a relationship, an illness, financial problems…… in fact pretty much everything in real-life, just waiting to see how things turn out is categorically not a plan.

“It’s not looking good?”….. EFL Statement, *just roll with it, it’ll be ok* (Statement Ends)

I’m not sure that the EFL have a Plan B, SAFCBlog contacted the EFL, (not for the first time), about the impending situation of too many games and not enough days. Whilst they couldn’t be arsed to reply to my email about the Fleetwood Ball Boys last year, they’ve actually got back to me this time, credit where credit is due. They’ve sent the following graphic that outlines their plan for somehow completing the season…..

Appendix A, EFL 2021 Planning Document

SAFCBlog Super Computer FC 1 vs EFL Guessers AFC 0, (Friel, 69)

Asking for help is a strength not a weakness, the EFL are unsure as to their Arm Joint from their Arse, SAFCBlog has a computer, (super), that is very clever, (if programmed properly). Last season it enabled me to accurately, (*), predict the outcome of games not played, so rather than promoting Wycombe to come bottom of the Championship, we could have gone up and been one step closer to our return to the Premiership and impending Champions League Glory.

Time will tell if the EFL decide to use the SAFCBlog Super Computer to finalise the outcome of the season, I’m pretty confident that they will.

We are 11th at the moment, that’s irrelevant as the season is played over 46 games, we have 13 scheduled games to play against the 10 teams above us.

We’ve not bothered playing lately, in the highly unlikely event of the EFL not taking up my offer, I can only imagine they will go with PPG again? Before the SAFCBlog Scientific Team, (White Coats, Beards etc), calibrate the SAFCBlog SC to do some graphs, algorithms and digital imagery. Just to discount the EFL Model of PPG, I fired up the SAFCBlog SC…..


Clever these computers, but if you know what you’re doing they are a piece of piss, SAFCBlog is clever enough to have generated the aforementioned formula to see how PPG would pan out if we go down that route again…..

The results are in……

don’t worry, SAFCBlog made sure the shorter one with less of a forehead counted the votes 🍺

The Results…….

……….SAFC currently have a PPG that’s a bit shite, if we were to beat Hull on Saturday our PPG would rise to 1.684, Fleetwood aren’t playing so we’d overtake their 1.45, Crewe are currently on 1.49, even with a win that would only go to 1.57. So if we win on Saturday, ignore the table, we are ahead of Fleetwood and Crewe, (what a fucking time to be alive eh?). Looking further up the league, Accrington are on 1.86 PPG, if they lose to Charlton they’d still be on 1.76, so it would good if they win at Charlton which would see us above Charlton as they would go from 1.684 to 1.58. We are now 8th. If Peterborough were to lose, they would go from 1.78 to 1.684, which exactly the same as us, alphabetical order is fucking daft so we will go above them on the basis of our head to head record, as we beat them a bit back. We are now up to 7th. The top 6 make the play offs, sadly even if the relevant teams lose this weekend, our PPG coefficient is lower than Ipswich, (1.73 min), Donny, (1.73 min), Pompey, (1.76 min), Accrington, (1.76), Hull, (1.85 min), Lincoln, (2.05 PPG).

In conclusion, bollocks to PPG, let’s come back in August and absolutely piss this tin pot league, at least we can enjoy that?⚽️

Stay SAFC – Stay SAFE – FTM

Footballs brilliant, computers are clever, but nows the time to stay safe & be kind, slightly tougher gig this time as it’s winter…… but we’ll get there……

Box Sets AFC 1 vs Live Footie Fluffers 0, (Soprano, T, 89)

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