COVID 1 vs Wonderland 0

It was bad enough not being able to go to games….. now we’re not even allowed to not go to games?

So Tier so Farce?

We played last night, we probably shouldn’t have had to play? I suspect we didn’t have to play? I’m a cynical old bastard, but I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this? SAFC have COVID – whilst the media hasn’t really covered the pandemic, it’s very fucking real. I’m 49, an ex Sunday league footballer and averagely healthy….. it’s fucking floored me, (8 weeks and counting), it’s definitely real. The Government have announced that you can’t catch it for 5 days over Christmas…..

Some Government Graphs yesterday – about as clear colour wise as trying to watch Lincoln vs SAFC on the clubs live stream?

It’ll end in Tiers…….

Given that Sunderland is in the North as opposed to the South, you have to expect the city will move from tier 3 to tier 3? It would be just so Sunderland if we are finally permitted to attend a game and there’s no game?

Alanis – bit angry, but bang tidy!

The Jobs Fucked?

Next 3 games are off, if the same fate hits say 5 teams, the L1 schedule will soon become unrealistic? Anyway I’m sure the EFL will be all over it?

EFL ……. All over it?

The Taming of Shrewsbury……

Shakespeare- Clever

It takes ages to get to Shrewsbury, it’s all a bit weird once you eventually get there – whilst it’s a straw poll of 2 visits, the locals seem preoccupied with the pronunciation of their town and whether they are Welsh or English? Last season we lost 1-0 down there, but we really did deserve to win, it rained of Biblical, (but real), proportions….

“LETS ROCK!!!!!”
Division 3 Saturdays

Up Next……

As it stands our next game is Accrington Away on 29th December? Happy fucking Christmas! Still at least there’s some good hills overlooking the ground👍I’ve said lots this season that it’s shite watching games online, well…… not watching games online is going to be really, really shite?


Fucking hell – can we please have our Beautiful Game back? Please?

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