David Moyes – was he the worst Sunderland Manager?

David Moyes new Sunderland Manager

David Moyes – was he the worst Sunderland Manager?

Part 4 of 6 David Moyes

With Big Sam departed to manage England (briefly!), it was time for a new manager – up step David Moyes. Common sense would have been just to have Sam back, (it was like he had his head turned by “Baby Spice”, but she fucked him off and the “Rough Spice from Harehills” , would have had him back in a heartbeat.

Anyway, things are looking up….

Everton are where we’d like to be, (forget Man U debacle ~ following Alec Ferguson was always going to be near enough impossible?)

It’s July 2016 ~ I’ve just collected £6’000 on David Moyes being the next Sunderland manager manager…..

David Moyes Sunderland Manager
“Keep it coming Paddy….”, “inside info you say?”, “can’t pay overseas winners you say?”

So after years of managerial instability, all is ok we have a solid manager who did 10 good years at Everton, all is well?

David Moyes Football Genius

David Moyes new Sunderland Manager

Whist it’s widely acknowledged that most scotch people, despite drinking all day are dull and not overly clever? Moyes is the man to take us forward….

When he arrived, we had a good squad, morale was good….. we started ok; day 1 we lost to Man City in Peps 1st game to a last minute deflection; day 2 we got mugged by Boro 1~2: day 3 we bossed Southampton away and were denied 3 points due to a late Jordan Pickford error, (knew he wouldn’t make it). 

The game was notable for Fabio Borini taking a free kick and managing to kick the ground and break his foot! For any younger readers, (I know, I know) ~ for Borini…. think Will Grigg ~ sought after striker who cost millions, nice hair, but zero heart.

Over to you David….

~ £8 million for Papy, £13 million for N’Dong.. that’s £21 million for 2 crap players who after paying a fortune in wages, we struggled to give away!

~ I’m used to us being shit…. but you took it to a new level.

~ you declared after 3 games we were in a relegation battle

~ whilst I understand your good friend who’s an agent did ok out of signing a load of ageing ex Everton players ~ it was never going to work?

~ you bemoaned us conceding late goals as unlucky? Well, if you set up negatively and have 25% possession ~ the players will be knackered by 70 minutes and will concede late goals?

SAFCBlog not a huge David Moyes Fan!!

The more articulate readers, (that’s you Mr C. Greenwood, Landlord of the excellent Cockwell Inn, HG3, booking not always necessary), will have worked out SAFCblog is not a huge Moyes fan? 

To rub salt into the wounds ~ he got off Scot free, (the analysis being it was a poison chalice?). Well David ~ The Club was in good order and you fucked it. Never has a manager depressed me as much as you.

Not David Moyes

David Moyes Sunderland Manager

“Worst manager ever in my humble opinion”

May 2017 and he’s gone….

Verdict 0/10

Dress code 0/10

Next up Grayson…..

Grayson I'm Free
“I’m free”

tomorrow…. the Grayson and Coleman year!


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