Decent Away games ~ Norwich City 2015/16

Norwich Away – Decent Sunderland games revisited

We’ve already looked at the wonderful conclusion to this season with the reviews of the wins over Chelsea and Everton. In this post we look back at great 3 – 0 away win at Norwich.

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SAFCBlog are having well earned break for a bit in sunnier climes. Andy has very kindly offered to cover the South Shields Match, just need someone to do the home friendly against Heerenveen ~ it’s a pretty low bar…. just take some high quality photos and write some cutting edge journalistic content.

Norwich is quite nice once you get there, sadly getting there takes an absolute age. BT sport had kindly rearranged the game for an early kick off ~ so 6am departure it was. Plans are afoot to do some kind of “beer World Cup feature for the blog”. It’s a minefield, days like Norwich require careful preparation……. “Breakfast beers are an acquired taste; drinking Peroni or Sagres is doable? Although throw in a Verdett, Krombacher or Brooklyn at 6am and the day could be ruined before it’s even begun?”

As well as being a nice place, there’s quite a few famous folk from Norwich……

Decent Away games ~ Norwich City 2015/16
Steven Fry ~ Clever, funny, rich ….. bet he’s an absolute “babe magnet?”
Decent Away games ~ Norwich City 2015/16
Delia Smith. SAFCBlog blog being doing some research on images of Nigella Lawson ~ turns out she’s from Wandsworth, which is close to Chelsea, Fulham & Queens Park Rovers ~ but only 8.9 miles from Wimbledon, so I’ll perhaps look to cover her later in the season. Not 100% sure that Nigella reads the blog ~ but if you do, drop me an email.
King of Pubs ~ Timothy Martin. If you’re reading Tim ~ any chance the Punchbowl in York could start serving at 8am on a Saturday rather than 9am?
Spoons is great though ~ one of the regulars who travels with us, proved that if you work in the City and reside in Hatch End ~ it’s actually cheaper to have all your meals in the pub than go food shopping, (graph to follow)
Tim Martin is no relation to fellow Norwichonian Tony Martin who shot to fame for shooting a gypsy.
A haaaaaaaaaa

Massive game….


Played well / took lead at a great time / Norwich shit / 3~0 win


Decent Away games ~ Norwich City 2015/16
Early kick off ? Miles away? On TV?
Matters not ~ the usual sell out
Decent Away games ~ Norwich City 2015/16
Not sure what’s worse? A pub called The Murderers or claiming the game is a must see?
Borini…. never ever going to miss from 12 yards
3~0 job done

Great day. Norwich is miles from anywhere though, even their local rivals are 41 miles away?

Video …..

Ipswich are their rivals: what better excuse to see Marcelo Bielsa trying to say Ipswich


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