Decent games ~ Arsenal Away 20/05/15

SAFCBlog is preparing for a visit to Portugal, every good blog needs a decent flag?

If by any chance anyone is after a flag….. Pete at, offers a great product at a great price. Customer service was fucking mint.

Weather decent last few days, so limited communications to the media team at; regular contributor C. Greenwoods has been in touch to say, I’m allowed on the number 36 bus again, I like going on the bus, I sit upstairs at the front”, (not for the first time, a bit weird??}

Selfie king Stewart Donald has decided to ditch Twitter, due to folk expressing an opinion ~ transparency was the key…. ironic really as some folk are starting see straight through the regime! (Not ITK, and not the opinion of SAFCBlog).

Anyway…. decent matches revisited 7/8…..

Arsenal Away 20/05/15

The previous Saturday, Leicester City had secured survival with a 0~0 draw at SOL. Fair dos Leicester… survival a great achievement? Season 2015/16 will be tough for them though? Hopefully they can limp to 4th bottom? (Failing that they could win the league? Fucking bonkers!!!!)

We need 1 point from 2 games. Arsenal and Chelsea Away! Having secured a free day, an early morning game of golf, (sports game played once your legs are fucked), is followed by an 11am departure for North London.

As per all trips to Highbury Emirates, parking is secured courtesy of Pete Brandon, (York City supporting media type), who lives near the ground. Always go to same pub ~ can’t remember what’s it’s called though.

Match panned out as follows……


Bit pissed to properly analyse the game/we miss 2 best chances/they have loads of pressure, but overplay it & fuck about / finishes 0~0/ tremendous result


Fletcher, (shit, but less shit than Will Grigg), misses a sitter

Jack Rodwell….. reckon he could become a SAFC Legend???
arsenal away
Never a penalty? More “shirt to hand than hand to shirt?”
Job done
arsenal away
“Weeping Big Dick”
Tears were shed by the Big Dick post match.
arsenal away
These stats tell more than I can tell you about the last day at Chelsea, (beer consumption was significant)
arsenal away
This man managed to fall asleep for35 minutes at a Premier League game ~ decent effort.

Next time Decent games revisited 8/8…… Norwich 0 Sunderland 3



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