Decent games revisited ~ making it six in row vs Newcastle.

5 weeks ago today, we were losing to Charlton at Wembley…. looking ahead, in 5 weeks today we’ll be looking back on the previous afternoons 1~1 hammering of Oxford.

Communications to the SAFCBlog media team very quiet; we put this down to a lot of the people who read this excellent blog, “being allowed outside for a bit in this weather”.

Exciting times though ~ inaugural SAFCBlog online competition was won by the only entrant. Delighted to hear, he plans on spending his winnings, “getting lashed and watching the totty walk by”.

Sunday 25th October, ‘Decent games revisited‘~ making it six in a row vs Newcastle’.

Having beaten them 5, (five), times in row, confidence is high.

We were pretty shite for 45 minutes, but then Man of the Match, referee Bobby Madley, deemed that Coloccini had denied Fletcher a clear goal scoring opportunity and they were down to 10 and we had a penalty. Madley resigned as a ref in August 2018. SAFCBlog is not going to comment on the reasons why, (you’ve all got the internet). Anyway I liked him as a ref, we always seemed to Win A Lot, when he took the lead in our games, he got dogs abuse from the mags

Media team in overdrive……

Tonight, we have…. “the game in words”, “the game in pictures” and…… “the game in video!!

What a time to be alive?


Shocking 1st half / sending off / penalty /1~0/easy 2nd half / game ends 3~0/ that’s 6, (six), wins in row!!


six in row vs Newcastle
Obviously contact? Obviously going to score? Pink seats look a bit shit? Coloccini looks like a fucking spaniel?
six in row vs Newcastle
“The names Lee…Lee Cattermole”
On the 26th October 2015, the BBC posted this graphic relating to the match ~ fucking amateurs.
Will Grigg, (again), “look at the joy on the faces of young and old Will… this could be you, this could be you??”

We we robbed of 7 in a row later in the season at Sid James Park. Things improved for Newcastle ever since with the appointment of Rafa Benitez

“Rafa the Gaffer”

Exciting times indeed. Two short video clips here, firstly Coloccini is given a sporting round of applause from the home fans following his dismissal …. followed by AJ burying the resulting penalty to polite applause from the gallery…..

Sending off

“Unlucky old chap…”

Was never ever going to miss????


In Jack We Trust