Sunderland v Doncaster review

Bonus bank holiday – so day on the ale. Felt like it was Saturday – but guess that matters not?

Bag of ale

Steady drive up; the highlight of which was a man shouting at his van in a lay-by near Hartlepool ~ Teeside a dark, dark place.

looking great
Here we go again

Half time 2-0

Full time 2-0

had worse days… £20 on 2-0

We were loads better today – intensity great – surprisingly Doncaster offered very little, but credit to Sunderland who never let them into the game.

Quick comment on Grigg – I know he’s not been fully fit & I’d love to be proved wrong….. but he looks like a man who doesn’t give a shit? He was the only player not to acknowledge the fans after a last minute winner at Rochdale….also sloped off today before anyone else. Said many times before …. “looking like you’re not trying – is as bad as not trying!?”

Haway Will – please at least look like you give a shit. Look around the pitch ….. Luke, Charlie, Catts – giving their all every minute of the game. Hope to be proved wrong – best way to start would be to look like you want to be here?


In Jack We Trust


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