“Don’t look Jack in Anger….”

The first month of the season has been pretty miserable, based on not being allowed to go to the matches. This weekend is a new low, there’s not even a match for us to not be allowed to go to?

Worry not……

Whilst football is generally once or twice a week, I’m committed to writing this shite most days. 

Annus Horribilis……

Whilst it might sound like a bad dose of the Eartha Kitts, it was actually how SAFCBlog favourite Liz Windsor referred to 1992 in her End of year presentation. In the Football World, 2020 is looking like a Annus Horribilis for football fans? Whilst this is a result of a virus and the EFL lacking a spine, it is relevant to rewind exactly one year…….

7th October 2019…… Jack is sacked. Whilst driving North to the game vs Grimsby, we listen to Stewart Donald being interviewed about the decision. SAFCBlog was never in the Donald Camp, but even at this stage there were still plenty, blowing plenty of smoke up his arse. To be fair he came across quite well – I’d never suggest that he was a liar and full of shit, but the honourable, amicable separation was later shown to be for his benefit? It’s been long enough now to comment, but the, (alleged), fact that Jacks family were treated with distain and a lack of respect and honesty….SAFCBlog often cites hypothetical situations, for me if the following happened it would be poor….. Jack sacked mid afternoon, SD says he will reveal this at 5pm at Jacks request, it comes out about 3pm, Jacks kids have to be ushered out of school early due to the news that has broken…. that would be piss poor?


Season 2018/19..…. The remit was promotion. We all know the outcome, too many draws and heartbreak at Wembley……

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, with the benefit of this….. the Charlton defeat at Wembley should probably have signalled the end for Jack?

Wembley was shit, it always is for us? I couldn’t give a shit about the Pompey Tinpot Salver Reserve Cup…. but Charlton, I was convinced we’d win? We were gifted a lead in the first minute. I write a lot about SAFC, the remit for this game was, have no regrets, don’t let it pass you by, don’t leave anything out there, stand up & be strong. Sadly it was 0/4 and tactically it was Jacks worst hour?

Season 2019/20……Return of the Jack…. it went wrong pretty quickly? As someone who goes to all the games, I often adhere to the idea, once you lose the Away fans your time is up? The game a Bolton was a horrible atmosphere, we got a draw late on, but it felt like his time was up?

3 days later…… we won at PL Sheffield Utd, but….. in the humble opinion of SAFCBlog, that was the night when it all went wrong for a Jack? Over the previous 14 months he’d wowed us every game with his attire…..

Portsmouth in the play offs was essentially a 2 day trip, it was tense and emotional – Jacks ‘Wool mix sports jacket’ remains a highlight of ‘2 days off work for a 0-0 draw and a 750 mile round trip with a bearded idiot…’

So a win a Sheffield United was a good thing?

You’d have thought so? It’s oft cited that people just know? I once had 2 Labrador’s from the same litter, once one departed it’s sibling lost it’s mojo? So just what happened between Saturday and Tuesday? We’ll never know, Jack got dogs abuse at Bolton, it was a surprise he was still in charge for the visit to Bramhall Lane? Yes we won the game, but……. then the unthinkable happened….

Jack pitched up in a fucking club tracksuit…..
Bereavement Labrador Rovers 1 vs Best Dressed Badgers 0

It’s easy to forget we started ok last season under Jack; should he have gone post Wembley? Maybe. Should he have gone post South Yorkshire Tracksuit Fiasco? Yes, 100%

1 year on…….

I’m 100% behind our current gaffer, Jack paid the price for not taking us up? Realistically Phil needs to take us up this season to not end up going the same way, (we will go up though, 100%). I’m delighted that Jack has got a decent job, he’s a good man….. we’ll never know, but St Mirren>Hibs>SAFC would probably have been a better path than St Mirren>SAFC>Hibs?

SAFCBlog is delighted to see Jack doing so well at Hibs, hopefully the time will come sooner rather than later that I can head up to a game.

“Aye, listen up wee man, I’m tellin yae….. I was deing alright at Sunderland and I turn up in a trackie just tha once and the wee pish bastards sack Mae, aye wee man if ya Ken wa I mean? I didnae fuckin Ken wa tha gannin on aboot? Wud ya like some messages from tha wee shop ya lousy pish bastard?”

Jack, SAFCBlog had a lot of love for you👍

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