EFL PPG = ‘Piss Poor Guessing?”

Said it all before….. Points Per Game ridiculous, the EFL had 2 choices…. A and B… owing them being weak as piss, they settled on C. 

Wrong X wrong

Lockdown Misery…..

  • SPL fudged it so that Dublin Celtics were awarded the title 
  • I really, really didn’t want Leeds to be promoted
  • I really, really, really wanted West Ham led by Dour Dave to be relegated

not a great return then?

The Beautiful Game……

Had we played our remaining games…. we might have come 10th, we might have come 1st…. but we’d have got what we deserved….

Points per game = relegation…… real life = 2 last minute winners in 4 days and 6 points…

Division 3 Desperation…..

Hopefully SAFCBlog will be permitted to attend away games, (if not a day on the piss in the town in question is an very attractive alternative?)


Swindon – miles but not been for years

Crewe – not too far and potential for a day out in Manchester 

Plymouth – we’ll find a way


Hull – nearby, great town for a drink, large allocation

Wigan – like Hull without the town

Charlton – London, I love you 💜

The Championship…..

poor mans League 1……. but aside from Barnsley staying up, it was a bonkers night at the top? Now got 2 welsh wales teams involved….

I’ve not, (as yet), judged a beauty contest – ‘pageant of opinions…..’ but I’d question the validity of the one with the biggest bangers being in 3rd place…

Integrity in sport…..

Well done WBA, Luton, Barnsley & Swansea….. EFL a shambles…. is there a League you can vouch for? Of course there is…..

SAFCBlog – Average at Best – FTM


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