The Magic of the cup…. 1st round draw is made

SAFCBlog loves the FA Cup, as all proper footie fans should? Obviously there’s no point us getting past round 6, as Wembley is a fucking nightmare for SAFC! There were lots of decent ties that could have been had, York or Harrogate we’re my preferred options – but York got a winnable home tie and Harrogate got a plum home tie vs Portsmouth, (live TV game I’d say). Whilst I was hoping for a fun away day, I guess failing that a home draw is good? Gillingham at home much better than Gillingham away? Bet they are delighted?

BBC made it as exciting as it could be….

The Magic Of The Cup.... 1st Round Draw Is Made
“Let’s do this draw…..”
Sunderland vs Gillingham
“……. that’s how to empty a ball bag?”
FA Cup Sunderland at home to Gillingham
The Magic Of The Cup.... 1st Round Draw Is Made
Nooooooooo… (tickets available)

A few league games to win before we think about Gillingham at home, (don’t think it’ll sell out?). Had a tentative look and there’s not really anyone famous from Gillingham, the most famous person from the town/city, (? Can’t be arsed to check), is fat singer Rik Waller….

Rik Waller big Gillingham fan
Rik Waller big Gillingham fan

So, could have been better; but could have definitely been loads worse?
Needless to say, SAFCBlog will be covering the game – win or lose please; draw/replay is not my preferred option!

Smash these and get a better draw in Round 2….. Rik Waller, sounds a bit like Weller?

“Sup up your beer and collect your fags…”
“The magic of the cup? Round 2 draw in a few weeks……”



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