Fatness 0 Fitness 1

Charlie Wyke Fatness 0 Fitness 1

Fatness 0 Fitness 1

Fatness 0 Fitness 1

Yesterday was absolutely brilliant, I’d go so far to say that the 1st half and especially a 15 minute spell, was the best football I’ve ever seen us play! Big statement obviously, especially as we are in the 3rd tier –  but this makes it even more remarkable? These are less valuable, less technically gifted players than the Premiership years – but wow….. what a 1st half?

We are playing well, it’s naive to suggest we can play well every week – everyone has bad performances and results, (well, apart from Liverpool). Whilst there’s not loads of comparisons to be made between SAFC and Liverpool….. remember when Klopp came and they all kept pulling hamstrings because he was working them so hard? Well guess what…… fitness is a massive factor in success?

Charlie Wyke Fatness 0 Fitness 1
Charlie Wyke – epitomised everything about yesterday’s performance.

Shortly after Parkinson took the job, SAFCBlog wrote about…..

  • We just didn’t look as fit and lean as other teams. Of course they were fit lads, but I mean really, really fit
  • When we lost to Burton, we had 5 or 6 players absolutely knackered after 70 minutes. I’d have taken them all off if we could have. No one was blowing out of their arse more than Maguire – he has been brilliant recently, he’s got loads in his locker, but now he’s fit he is twice the player? He never stopped yesterday, it’s got to be easier to keep running when you don’t feel absolutely knackered?
Absolute class

it’s not just about fitness?

Of course there’s more to it than being fit? It would be disrespectful towards the quality we saw yesterday to suggest it’s as simple as that.

Parkinson was my preferred choice, sometimes you just get the right man at the right time? I accept that we live in an age where everyone has a platform for their opinions…. but some of the treatment to him early doors was totally uncalled for. 

I’m desperate for whoever manages our great club to be a success, Parkinson may or may not have a successful tenure, but at least it looks like he’s going to be given the opportunity and chance that he, (or anyone appointed manager), deserves as a bare minimum.

I liked Jack Ross, so was he perhaps not all that? I’ve never managed a professional football team, (to date), but…. it’s no coincidence managers bring their own men with them, whilst the gaffer has ultimate responsibility- having a good assistant is vital. 

Did Ross have the right men around him? Probably not with the value of hindsight. 

Parkinson seems articulate, calm and intelligent- so where has this desire in the team come from? Well…… Big Sam is renowned for having super fit teams, with all due respect Sam ain’t putting the miles in? So does Phil have an assistant who will scare the shit out of the players? Too right he does……..

Fatness 0 Fitness 1
Steve Parkin – if he says run, you fucking run
SAFCBlog loves nothing more than going to the pub. Some pubs are tougher than others, a really rough pub always has a man who ‘has seen things’ and everyone ‘just knows him’. I’ve no actual evidence, but Steve Parkin just looks like a man who ‘sells frozen chickens from a bin liner down his local?
“And how would sir like his Chateaubriand cooked”…….”just chop it’s tail off, wipe it’s arse and cover it in ALDiI gravy please garçon…….”

so will we go up?

There’s no reason why not, who knows? But we are in a position to have a right go?


Definitely getter fitter……..