Fixture Friday Fuckwit Fun Factory Fiasco….

Fixture Release Rovers 0 vs Zero Anticipation Athletic 0 (AET)

Fixtures out tomorrow….. HUGE day….


In EFL we Rust…..

Absolute fucking shambles, ordinarily I’m reasonably excited for the fixtures release. Realistically, it matters not…. we play everyone twice. It’s nice to not have to go to the SW midweek, it’s nice for a London trips to be a Saturday, any trip via Manchester feels a waste if it’s not a Saturday, but….. it really doesn’t matter?

This year is slightly different, in short…..

  • The EFL guessed the last quarter of last season
  • We won’t play the team who came 8th and outside of the play offs, because they were promoted via the play offs
  • We will play the team that came 13th in the Championship as they were relegated due to a 12 point deduction, another team were deducted 12 points and would have finished below said team, but they are getting the 12 points deducted next season

Simples……. The EFL will Fix(ture) it?

Super Computer Thursdays…..

“Fixtures? Absolute piece of piss pal”

Division 3 is shite, there’s only us, Pompey & Ipswich who get decent crowds. There’s pretty much zero policing issues, it really is as simple as…. play everyone once, then play them again in the same order- it really couldn’t be simpler?

“One job….. one fucking job…..we play Hull in November and 6 weeks later we play Hull again….. fucking shambles…..just reboot the fucker and load up Babestation”

“Just what is it that you want from fixture release day?”

Well…… Mags fixtures out today, obviously couldn’t give a shit about them silly twats, but their schedule does tell us…. we are at home day 1, home on Boxing Day…. away on the last day.


Super Computer Spartans 0 vs Real Life Rangers 2, (Wyke, Grigg)

Whilst the EFL are unable to programme a computer, SAFCBlog today secured a BTEC in Computer Crapology at a local college. Whilst it’s an algorithm of opinions…… I’ve looked at Division 3 and the reality that we won’t be at games for a while, thankfully I’ve managed to create a bombproof formula…..


Clever stuff these computers, but I reckon that should cover it. Hopefully Shrewsbury away is in lockdown….

  • it’s fucking miles
  • it’s shit
  • the locals are weird
Shrewsbury 2.30pm – desperate
Shrewsbury…. After Dark

SAFCBlog Final Fixtures Verdict……

Really couldn’t care less until I’m allowed to  go to ·the games.

SAFCBlog – Barely worth reading – FTM

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