Fleetwood Friday Fun Factory in da hoose…..

It’s Friday night, someone has just nailed the jackpot on Tipping Point with literally the last counter of the game, SAFC have an away game, it’s the stuff dreams are made of…..

……. except it’s not, it’s another night of watching online, (although I suppose if I’d have gone to Fleetwood, I’d have missed Tipping Point?)

Watching online is shite, but it’s better than not watching at all. We’ve had a few bad results recently, it was commented by a family member that, “you don’t seem to get as upset when they lose as you used to?”. I can’t argue with that, but why? It’s because the 90 minutes is such a small part of it for us….. it reminds me of when life got a bit sensible, career, owning a house, getting married, having kids, making responsible life choices etc…. the football was still there, I still went – but when stripped down it becomes apparent that the 90 minutes is not always all that? Ordinarily I’d have gone tonight, had enough ale to sink a battleship, seen mates, had a laugh, something unexpected would have happened, I’d have dined on the finest spiced minced lamb in pitta that LS23 has to offer, ….. instead I’m going to watch online, I might have a beer and light the fire, but that’s as exciting as it’ll get, because it’s so much more than the 90 minutes. 

If you’re the manager of Sunderland in League 1 and you’re not top of the league, you are under pressure, that’s just how it is. Game of Opinions as always, I think Parkinson is doing OK, I think he will take us up, I don’t think there is any benefit to be had in changing manager. I think we might go up with Phil, if we change manager I don’t think we will go up. Whilst I’ve somewhat belittled the 90 minutes, of course the 90 minutes is the main thing; I’m done with commenting on our owners, but whoever is our gaffer this season, is the very, very least of our problems! The money, (borrowed), is running out, the value of the club is in freefall, I’ll leave it there as it’s for the best…… when I stopped giving attention to our owners, I felt they would take us to the brink, I mean right to the brink, the bones of our arses brink – no change for me on that opinion.

Tonight’s Game…..

They are one of the better teams in this division, (it’s all relative though?), their form is good, our form isn’t good, they are scoring loads, we don’t score loads…. SAFCBlog Predicts FTFC 1 vs SAFC 2

Joey Barton…… no doubt he’ll ‘carry on’ tonight….. unpopular view….. but he’s intelligent, he’s done a good job, he gets the best out of them, they are the fittest team in L1 and he loves The Smiths……. he won’t get a bigger job because of his baggage, but he’s got plenty to offer.


News isn’t generally a very good watch, ITV Regional News is not the best…. although where I reside, each night we get 30 minutes of Calendar Local News. It’s the usual format of a bloke and a lady presenting, it’s either Gaynor Barnes, (4/10),  or Christine Talbot, (10/10), typically on alternate nights – obviously a good week is 3 X CT  & 2 X GB, (and vice versa).

Christine Talbot – Stunner

Last 3 nights, (tues, weds, thurs), it’s Gaynor….. what’s going on? Then tonight…….💥💥💥💥💥

………game changer……….exciting times

Pre Teamsheet Teamsheet thoughts……

  • Gooch has hurt his foot, so there’s at least 1 change.
  • Scowen and Grant works, make sure Scowen takes the corners 
  • Wyke looks tired, but sadly none of our other strikers are showing any signs of life
  • With Gooch out, I’d be really disappointed if he brings in Power, we need to play someone with a bit of a threat…. O’Brien has been poor, so I’d be really disappointed if one of Neil, Diamond or Embleton doesn’t start tonight

Actual Teamsheet Teamsheet thoughts……..

In comes Danny Graham…….that doesn’t half look like Joe Hart in goal for Charlton Academicals?
It’s Tier 2 where I live, I guess with Gateshead being Tier 3, in theory Danny shouldn’t have been out on the Johnny Cash this week?

7.45pm….. GAME ON…

15 minutes…..bright start, we are the better team

25 minutes…….. not created a right lot, but we are the better team, they have offered nowt.  
35 minutes…….. still on top, still 0-0, similar feel to the game as Saturday…..

Half Time ……. 0-0….. we’ve played ok. We lack quality in the attacking 3rd. Maguire is our most creative player and he’s had another poor game thus far.  We lack a goalscorer – we will perhaps score once, more often than not one goal doesn’t win games? It’s such a shame, as Grant and Scowen are bossing midfield – we just need a spark, some pace, a bit of something….. do we have that in our squad? I’m inclined to say ‘no’. Whatever people’s opinions are, it’s hard to blame the manager for this?

45 to go……. COME ON LADS……these are bang average!

2nd HALF……..

55 minutes……. they’ve hit the bar, Wyke has has a good header just wide …… it just feels like one of the teams is going to win this 1-0…… the worry would be, they have better strikers than we do?

58 minutes……. long ball,   1-0, Wyke deserved that, very brave – we could have got completely wiped out

GET IN !!!!⚽️

72 minutes……… 1-1…….you’d got worry about who is more likely to score the next goal?


76 minutes………. great cross from Scowen to Will Grigg at the back stick…….

…….Grigg does well to clear it for a goal kick to them

FULL TIME…… 1-1 again

Like Saturday in lots of ways. I’m going to defy the Lockdown and have a Twitter holiday for a few days, let the haters hate etc…… guess I’ll preview the Burton game between now and Tuesday. Keep smiling, be kind, stay safe and FTM.

Really missing football now like, I guess we’ll eventually  get back to what we know?

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