Fleetwood v Sunderland preview

As the season draws to close – we have our first ever visit to Fleetwood.

Fleetwood is famous for being both near to Blackpool and nicer than Blackpool. Sadly there’s fuck all to do in Fleetwood.

Fleetwood- nothing to do

When we drew 1-1 at SOL in their biggest game ever. Ex jailbird Joseph Barton was their manager – it is yet to be confirmed who will be their manager for our trip there on 30th April. Given there’s no other games that night- it may be on SKY – which would facilitate viewing in prison, for anyone wanting to watch.

No one of any interest comes from Fleetwood…

  • Syd Little, the non fat one. No evidence or allegations of any sort – but I’d not have him babysit
  • kelsey-Beth Crossley, star of Emmerdale Farm (on the off chance she is reading this – babysitter required; lift home not a problem)
  • Frank Searle – complete crank who was the “Loch Ness photo hoaxer”
Obviously a hoax – unless you are scotch and drink buckfast for breakfast

Potential to be a big game. I’ll be there to report – understanding is we only have 800 tickets?

The away end
Fleetwood – bit like Accrington. Weird part of the world populated by inbred folk – easy win … 2 or 3 nil. Everything is cheap, and pies normally decent, (never seem to have the ingredients listed though?)

Joseph Barton used to play football and now manages Fleetwood. He was previously in prison – but his appointment at Fleetwood is testament to his character reformation

In Jack We Trust