Fleetwood Town thoughts…..

For the 1st time in what seems like ages, we don’t have a midweek game… with time on my hands I thought I’d have a tentative look ahead to our next home league game. Lots could happen before we meet? Their gaffer could be in jail? The game could be called off due to our wealth of International superstars, (a reserve scotch keeper and a non scoring Irish striker). Not quite at the dismantling my Corby Trouser Press Stage….. but previewing previews is hopefully a one off low for SAFCBlog.

Fleetwood Town are a fantastic model as regards a club achieving as much as they can. When we visited in April, the town was not only shut… but looked like it might never open again?

Fleetwood Thoughts.....
Fleetwood Thoughts.....Seaside town closed down
Fleetwood Town – shut
Fleetwood in the middle of the sea
Fleetwood Town – could do with. Bridge?

All is not lost though….. SAFCBlog is a huge supporter of actresses in Northern soap operas, (Anna Friel is our Ambassador no less). Emmerdale Farm actress, Kelsey-Beth Crossley is from Fleetwood…..

Emmetdale Farm… might start watching it?
There’s some girls from farms come in my local, but they don’t look like this? (And they smelll)

Hopefully the fixture survives the International Break Cull?

The coastal town, they forgot to close down?…….



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