Fleetwood Town Multi Camera Action Coverage High Definition Tuesday Night Fun Club

Things are looking pretty good to say the least, there’s a link between having a pot to piss into and getting stuff that costs money done, having previously been a Low Grade Eton Mess, we are now very much on a Luxury Swiss Roll.

“Oh yah, absolutely chaps, this lager fizz is to absolutely bloody ruddy to die for…..oh by the way I’m an absolute 100% bonafide cockwomble of the highest fucking order, I really am a Grade A Prick”

Whilst the future is exciting, the immediate future revolves around trying to beat Fleetwood Town tonight for the first time ever. Our fall from grace has been well documented, their rise is just bonkers, when we were securing the Championship title in 2005, they were securing promotion from the NW Counties FL Division 1, a further 6 promotions and here we are playing them. If everything goes to plan over the next few months, we may never have to play them again, so it would be nice to finally beat them? Whilst it’s a pretty depressing place, comedy genius Syd Little is from the town…

Little and Large = Premier League ….. Two Ronnies = Championship…… Morecambe and Wise = League 1….. game of opinions as always

“Stay-cation my arse – Fleetwood…. just a really shit version of Goole, I’d rather spend a week in Nigeria at the Boko Haram Country Club”

Tonight’s Action…

Although LJ seems to be preferring the Nike Club Issue Coat at present, he won’t have any issue being the best dressed manager tonight? Simon Grayson will pitch up looking like an ageing furloughed leisure centre attendant

SG ……. Scruffy Gaffer?
“Ooooch, n then this wee man was gaffer wearing a shite trackie, if ya fuckin Ken wa I maen eh big man, I wudnae wipe ma arse crack wi his clobber ya wee bastard, I didnae kna these sassenachs didnae giv a shite aboot clothes wee man”
Lee Johnson – better in tweed than a shiny shit club coat.

Pre Teamsheet Teamsheet Thoughts…

Having won convincingly on Saturday, it’s hard to expect many changes in the starting eleven tonight. I’d like to see Scowen play as I think he’s consistently improving, but not sure who’d give way?

Actual Teamsheet Teamsheet Thoughts…

plenty good enough, be good to see Jones get a good 30 minutes or so

7pm – GAME ON…

LJ. turned up in his Dog walking clothes again

90 minutes every 4 days Lee, that’s all?

New Super Cameras are good, it’s like watching football on TV as opposed to watching You’ve Been Framed on UK Conquest.

15 minutes…. 0-0

30 minutes… 0-0

45 minutes… 0-0

Tough watch that, no quality on offer. I’m loathe to cheapen high end Scientific Data Analysis based journalism, with obscure analogies….. but for the parents out there… think Key Stage 1 Class Assembly? Yes,…you love them to bits, yes…you want to be positive about it, yes… you wouldn’t miss it for the world…. but ultimately you are 45 minutes nearer dying and it’s 0.75 of an hour that you will never ever get back, what’s more the same two kids, (Power & McFadzean), are given a decent role, although we all know it’s because their respective mums are on the PTA and a right royal pain in the arse?

Things can only improve in the 2nd half….. surely? Whilst we’ve not offered much, Fleetwood are absolutely rubbish.

Highlights courtesy of Sky Sports


⚽️💥⚽️💥⚫️🔴⚪️ this is exactly the type of game we need to win Lads

60 minutes…. no chance of Fleetwood scoring, we just need to find a goal from somewhere. Gooch almost scored and to be fair it was a decent save

61 minutes….1-0 ⚽️fantastic skill from McGeady and a sumptuous cross….. slight glitch in the matrix as it was O’Brien with the header not the Teeside Pele, we’ve been decent 2nd half and deserve to be ahead. Let’s just get over the line and move on, Fleetwood have offered absolutely nothing, whilst Joey Barton is much maligned, a team sent out by him would not look this limp?

75 minutes…. Jones looking lively since he came on, we look comfortable, although obviously a one goal lead is fraught with danger?

83 minutes…. 2-0⚽️⚽️ Lovely cross from Maguire……

Yes Max, yes Max Power

Job Done… another Bogey Team dispatched

Special mention for the commentary team, I’m really warming to them, I reckon Frankie would be a right laugh on a night out.


SAFCBlog – Multi Camera Action Scientic Data Analysis Specialists – FTM

Like lots of SAFC fans, I’ve had a lot of discussions as to whether I will live long enough to see SAFC in the top flight again….. it turns out I will. SAFCBlog is loathe to get carried away, but I’m am as giddy as a kipper about watching us compete in Europe….. What a fantastic future lies ahead for this great club…. it really is The Wonderland of Make Believe…. FTM

Over to you Bucks Fizz…….. the band that ABBA could have been….. I’m not a deeply religious man, but if I was and Heaven was as depicted here and Cheryl Baker or the other one was waiting in a white swimsuit to pipe you off, I might have paid more attention at Sunday School?

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