Fleetwood v Sunderland – match review

Head over the Pennines for the 3rd time in a month, this time for Fleetwood v Sunderland.

After loads of draws, we are headed for the play-offs. Whilst to win a knockout competition, you are required to beat the rest. The general feeling seems to be that, it’s probably better to play Doncaster or Peterborough over two games than Charlton? So not a completely meaningless game after all.

“Go West, where the skies are blue, Go West”
Not only have I never been to Fleetwood, I don’t know anyone who has.

It’s almost a fucking island!!!

I’ve often mocked certain aspects of towns on safcblog.com. I’ve been round the block, and can’t remember going anywhere like Fleetwood. It was genuinely depressing. Much has been said about the demise of coastal towns, so not even going to take the piss. When Morrissey penned the line, “it’s the coastal town, that they forgot to close down, Armageddon”…..it could so easily have been penned about Fleetwood. The whole town just seemed to be covered in bird shit!

Fleetwood- shut
All the fun of the fair
Not good

Wonder if we can borrow their chair? Given the effort level of Grigg the last month or so – he’s as well sitting down and having a solero

Having exhausted what the town has to offer, we head for the ground. Smart set up – decent bar with cheap beer. Fleetwood have been promoted 6 times in 10 years and established themselves in League 1 and are a fantastic example of a club maximising their level. Hartlepool, York, Stockport etc must be looking on very enviously?

“What do you mean a shit blog isn’t proper media?”
Our best player this season
Win this easy?
Bollocks! Let’s go home

Half time 1-0

Full time 1-2

Joey Barton seemed to be getting a bit excited? Not arsed about him, he just seems a bit of a prick. Poor mans Lee Cattermole is say?

SAFC are running a corporate trip to the Algarve for 3 nights at £2000 a man. Fleetwood are running very similar trip for £349!!!!! Bonkers

Bargain – as long as I don’t have to share a room with Ched Evans!?

Onto the play-offs.

Regardless of opinions of tactics, results, transfers etc – it’s time to back the lads 100%. Imagine beating Portsmouth at Wembley to go up!

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