FPP, SAFC & the takeover…… just a bit of an *eton mess* or completely *stewart donald ducked?*

FPP visit Sunderland to watch SAFC v Wimbledon

FPP Sunderland Takeover

FPP Sunderland takeover…… just a bit of an *Eton Mess* or completely *Stewart Donald ducked?*

Another super catchy headline for the Google Robots of California? The tenure of Stewart Donald and Charlie Methven has been covered in detail in the media – SAFCBlog has nothing negative to say about either of them, but headlines such as selfie loving knobbers, full of shit, Laurel and Hardy without the humour etc…. whilst not my words, it’s clear all is not rosy in the garden?

In December the 3 main supporter groups/fan sites, (I think SAFCBlog is currently number 53), put a statement out saying they had no trust in Donald….. this polarised opinion, but the angst was probably exacerbated by the fact that they got into bed with the Don? Not a criticism of any sort, just an observation. 

In short….. Ellis Short was unpopular and we all need someone to love I guess? Sadly all that glitters is very rarely gold?

“Be very fucking careful what you wish for…….”

The Americans?

FPP visit Sunderland to watch SAFC v Wimbledon

In September, a delegation representing one of the wealthiest men on the planet, travelled half way round the world to watch SAFC Vs AFC Wimbledon…. 2 weeks later they deposited $12 million in a new company …… “FPP  Sunderland”. In my, (very), uneducated opinion- a deal seemed imminent? Today that Holding Company was dissolved….. strange? I’m lucky that the readership of SAFCBlog are generally wise – but that’s a very strange going on?

Sadly the SAFCBlog Super Computer is at the menders – looks like it need a new transponder!?

“Got a lady coming round the SAFCBlog Towers tomorrow night to reboot the SAFCBlog Super Computer…..”

Once I get a new Transponder fitted to the SAFCBlog Super Computer…the following Scientific Formula will be entered, (by an expert)……




Once the computer is fixed, the aforementioned scientific formula will hopefully give clarity on the FPP Sunderland takeover situation?


  • He wants rid?
  • We want rid of him?
  • Everything has a price?


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