From Grindon to Swindon with hope….

…..Sadly not this weekend, or any weekend in the foreseeable? One advantage of us deciding not to play in the Premiership, is the variation of grounds we get to visit. I’ve been to the County Ground, but not for ages. It’s a long way, but they are always the best trips.

May 1990 and Paulo Di Canio…..

There’s not much linking the clubs, but these two are the standout / most obvious links….

MAY 1990…… Having dispatched Newcastle in the semi final, we travelled to Wembley to play Swindon for a place in the top flight.

Lost 1-0, never showed up, could have been 5-0. Thirty years on and our Wembley fortunes remain the same! To be fair, we were lucky to come 2nd in the game?

“Every loser wins…..”

…….. 2 weeks later and we were promoted anyway

Paulo Di Canio…… having previously managed Swindon, PDC took over at SAFC in 2013. He ploughed through the Martin O’Neil Holiday Camp Mentality. He was a breath of fresh air, he cared, he was passionate…. sadly he was also as mad as a box of frogs. I still maintain so much of what he tried to instill was exactly what we needed? Sadly lazy arse footballers don’t particularly like discipline? Added to this, if you lose the away fans, it’s very hard to survive?

When you’ve got a tee booking at 9.45am and Chelsea away at 4pm…..

Never Forget – possibly the best day ever ⚽️⚽️⚽️

Born of Frustration……

Most people will be aware that we are dealing with a pandemic. Opinions a plenty, including on here….. it’s hard to not feel that the Football is being treated pretty badly?

The London Palladium last night…… but strictly no fans at football!

can of worms, controversial, game of opinions etc…… as if things weren’t bad enough, now football is attempting to fuck football over!

Was going to write about this, but….. “what he said”

Swindon Town vs SAFC…..

You’d have to think they’d be happy to stay up? SAFCBlog predicts a 2-0 win for the Red & White Wizards of Wonderland. I’ve no idea how they’ve started or where they are in the league.

Famous For………

“Yeah right, and I’m a Dutchman……”
“No ik stenig nooit de verdomde kraaien 🇳🇱 “
She had her knockers? But SAFCBlog favourite Diana Dors was from Swindon

Sup up your beer and collect your fags…..

I’m sick of the news, I’m sick of not being allowed to go to football, I’ve not even checked what Boris has said about whether I’m going to be allowed to go to the pub……..


Fuck this, anyone fancy a pint????

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