Game 48/48, Luton 2 vs SAFC 0

We’ve done remarkably well to get this far, I was sick with nerves yesterday, the feeling of it being a free hit vs Preston was no more, I was now desperate to secure a weekend in London, I thought we’d get the job done last night.

And hopefully the week after…..”

Kenilworth Road

In keeping with the town of Luton, the ground is an absolute shithole

Football is played on the grass not in the stands, but what a shithole of the highest order

The Match

Luton deserved to win over the two games, it’s not pretty, their players behaved like pricks, but there’s more than one way to win a football match and Luton absolutely deserved to win last night. We couldn’t cope with their aerial bombardment, it was always going to be a tough ask playing without a recognised centre half, or a striker to offer an outlet.

The referee missed 2 big calls, we should have had a penalty and they should have had a man sent off, whilst it was not the refs decision to only add 4 minutes on after their time wasting and the ball being kept in the stands, was an absolute disgrace. We probably wouldn’t have scored if we’d played til 11pm, but that’s not the point. Ultimately we went to a gunfight armed with a water pistol?

We’ve had some fantastic away performances this season, I always feel like we will score, I never really had that feeling last night. In simple terms, we never really got close enough to their goal. It wasn’t to be last night, we go again as always, it’s the only way, the squad doesn’t need much more than a few additions in key areas.

When the season started, the hope was mid table, the realistic expectation was survival, we’ve done fantastically well, although that does nothing to dampen the feeling of feeling sick as fuck today.

Their Fans

There was one bloke who phoned TalkSport last night who seemed decent, the rest are complete pricks. Pitch invasions are nothing new, we’ll see the same if Boro and Barnsley win their home games this week. But….. it’s a criminal offence to go on the pitch, the Stadium announcer was pretty much encouraging them, why use the words celebrate on the pitch over the Public Address System, (Tannoy a brand name), with 10 minutes still to play?. Clubs and the police are keen to ban fans via video/photo evidence, just pick a few out if you’re that arsed? The location of the players tunnel and technical areas at Luton make a pitch invasion totally inappropriate, alternatively just remove the cordon of riot police and let us on the pitch to have a crack at them? I suspect the coked up inbreds might not have been so goading if we were allowed on the pitch too?

Shit club, Shit ground, Shit fans

Tony Mowbray

Lots of speculation that he will be relieved of his position, he’s a good, good man and he’s done himself, the players, the club and the fans proud. I suspect he’s off, there’s obviously a plan? An announcement today would lack a bit of class and respect towards TM, having just watched his post match interview, I’d say it’s when not if? Time will tell, in the bigger picture I trust the process implicitly, the recruitment is good, we sold Denver Hume for £300k and replaced with Trai Hume for £200k, we signed Ekwah on a free, Ballard was a steal, we’ve used the loan market well, all the French lads will only improve. All we can do is see what happens, but after years of misery, I’ve never felt so positive about the future.

Cutting Edge Digital Blogging

Bumper year for SAFCBlog, I write this shite as a labour of love, but feedback is always greatly appreciated,

  • Farmhand & Fanny Magnet Garry, (Hotpants), Summerson and Grindon Food Critic Kris Day, never fail to offer praise – love you both lads x
  • This season I’ve received A notebook, mugs, coasters and highlighter pens, from SAFCBlog Superfans, (probably birds I reckon?)
  • To give a bit of balance , Jim from Wigan is back…..

Cheers Jim, hope Wigan stay up next season”

I’m flattered anyone takes the time to read this, the digital world isn’t the real world, I’d go so far to say there’s some right cranks out there. That said, sharing the blog is a great thing for me, I’ve made plenty of real life friends through it, whilst it’s not really real life it does sometimes feel like it.

Not generally my bag mixing real life with digital life, but I went to see dad before the Portsmouth and Sheff Weds games, so decided to do the same yesterday, it wasn’t to be last night. We go again next season

It’s a Wrap

Fucking love Sunderland

2.03am and another season on the road over, thousands of miles covered, lots of highs and lows, might just do it all again next season eh? Going to have a week off SAFCBlog and get some stuff sorted.

Next Season

Sad about this, but we go again in August

Absolutely gutted not to be going to Wembley in a few weeks, but we go again in August, I’m optimistic already, might not even need the play offs next year?

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  1. Was late to the party for your blogs, but enjoyed the ride this season and agree with everything you have said….already nervous about next season like a difficult 2nd Album……we shall see, hope I bump into you again next season ????????????✊️

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