Gillingham 1 sunderland 0….. some thoughts

Gillingham 1 Sunderland 0

SAFCBlog goes to almost all of our matches, occasionally I can’t make it – it’s not case of better offer, if this was the case, I’d have gouged my eyes out with a blunt spoon and extracted my fingernails a long time ago? So……wish I was there, but I’m not. Thankfully for SAFCBlog, previous guest blogger, good mate, all round top fella and SAFC daft Jamie is on hand to save the day with some words and pictures.

Gillingham 1 Sunderland 0..... Some Thoughts
Sadly – my tickets met the recycling first thing Saturday morning …. whilst a waste – probably less waste than if myself and idiot A had been able to go?
Gillingham 1 Sunderland 0
“It’s 2019, it worries me greatly when I see people on a train on a Saturday not drinking cans?”
“King of the rails”

Wherever SAFC go many follow, 100% respect to all those who made the arduous trip to Kent today…..

Gillingham 1 Sunderland 0..... Some Thoughts
Gillingham – feels like you’re at the seaside? But shitter?
Sunderland at Gillingham ahead of another defeat
SAFCBlog predicts…… 2-0 win
Gillingham 1 Sunderland 0..... Some Thoughts
“Make your fucking mind up pal, is the beef Irish or English?”
Gillingham 1 Sunderland 0
”no excuse for that hat?”
“All over these Kent Jobbers?”
Gillingham 1 Sunderland 0..... Some Thoughts
“Dark days” Gillingham 1 Sunderland 0


  • We lost again
  • Once again we were piss poor
  • Where do we go from here?

I wasn’t there today, but the pain is the same. If anything it hurts even more, as I feel disloyal for not being there? If I’d been at the game, I’d have been gutted when they scored, following the game online, I was gutted when they scored. I go to lots of games, there’s plenty who go to all the games, there’s plenty who go to some games, there’s plenty watching from abroad etc – we are all on the same hymn sheet. Whilst SAFCBlog is essentially a social media platform, given that it runs at a loss and my intention is to carry on in that vein, I try and detach from the vitriol online, but social media can be draining ……

We are clearly shite – or at least we are playing shite at present?
It’s easy to keep reeling out it’s the hope not the expectation that hurts the most, game of opinions etc…. the reality is we are desperately poor at present? That really pains me, it pains me more that so many of our fans seem to be half empty and so negative? As aforementioned we are all fans in equal measure…. but in my humble opinion, I got more messages, alerts etc from fellow fans when we conceded on 89 minutes than we would if we’d have scored on 89 minutes, this depresses me. I’d never ever suggest that some fans engage in the morbid fascination of defeat….but a small part of me is thinking that way.

Jack Ross is now the Hibs manager, SAFCBlog was a huge fan of his, but after Lincoln it came, (by Jacks own admission), to a natural end? Let’s move on eh? It’s amazing how many of those who wanted him gone are now citing him as a football genius? Although I guess many of those were also entrenched in Charlies back passage what a boy, drinks pints don’t you know?

SAFC are in a horrible state, like a school that OFSTED has labelled as fucking shite, or a company with a credit rating of piss poor….. we are in a bad way… BUT, it doesn’t go to shit overnight, (say 6 years?), and it doesn’t fix overnight? The team management is almost irrelevant? For what it’s worth SAFCBlog thinks that Parkinson has a good a chance as anyone of getting it right. SAFC is poorly, it’ll survive and will prosper once more – I like many others will be sticking by it.

I watched Soccer AM on SKY this morning, the fans of the week were Charlton fans…. their shirts like ours, had the sponsor changed from a betting firm to a charity- unlike ours their shirts looked ok, as they’d had them remade rather than ironing a fucking transfer over BETDAQ……not a deal breaker? But the metaphor of a sticking plaster on a gaping wound, rings so very fucking true?


Whilst we are not in good way, (jobs not quite fucked Sam?), we can of course be fixed?….

Fear not, Leeds United Ambassador Jim’ll Fix it is not the answer….

Almost as tragic would be for today’s tune of the day, to be fix you by Coldplay…. fear not, if I ever post a Coldplay song then it really is time to …. switch out the lights, get a cat not a dog, buy some crocs, take up cycling, watch game of thrones, go Vegan, buy the guardian, moan about 75% vs 90%, get a leaf blower etc…… yes it’s bad, but KEEP THE FAITH, CHOOSE LIFE, CHOOSE SAFC AND NEVER EVER STOP BELIVING……….