Gillingham Up Next – In Preview

Great result last night, if we can we win on Saturday we are officially on a run, whilst we were winning at Ipswich, Gillingham were giving Crewe a bit of a shoeing. I’d assumed Gillingham were shite on the basis they were dreadful when we played down there in October, that result put Steve Evans under pressure and I’m pretty sure they were near the bottom. Their recent form is typical of this division, it is totally unpredictable, but surely this is a game we should win?

I don’t live anywhere near Sunderland, if there’s no footie I rarely go to the City, whilst seeing the ground, seeing the bridge etc might not feel particularly exciting to those living in the area, if Sunderland don’t play – I don’t go to the City, I really miss it. Gillingham at home and the heartbreak of their 96th minute equaliser was my last visit to the SOL, who could possibly have foreseen what lay ahead in the next 11 months?

”If only we could have held onto this 2-1 lead?????? We could have been bottom of the Championship now”

Gillingham Gaffer…..

…… Steve Evans is generally regarded in the game as a bit of a Bell End, to be fair he’s got a decent record, it’s akin to a Shit version of Neil Warnock? Rivalry in football is important, I don’t actually think it’s a bad thing to be disliked by other teams fans. Whilst he’s as mad as a cut snake, I’m actually a big fan of Joey Barton as a manager for example, fair dos to Evans, he’s just not my bag.

Steve Evans – not universally popular but gets results

As discussed football management is not a popularity contest, Evans will arrive on Wearside full of it as usual with the look of a man from Teeside stumbling off a mini bus in a shit shiny suit for a day at York Races. I bet he’s got his initials on his dressing gown?

These are his 3 favourite pairs of shoes, (*)

Man in the Corner Shop”

I’ve not got a proper job as such, although I generally manage to bumble my way to a modest living, I have no purpose to wear a formal shirt, (buttons, collars etc), but if I ever do, (unlikely), Evans will be my man for a tie pin, some of those shit silver arm bands and some cuff links with his initials on.

Goals, Goals, Goals……. I’m looking for a Good time”

Great voice

Yes, in the, (almost), words of 1980s Pop Princess Sabrina, everyone is desperate for goals, goals win games, they don’t seem to have a decent striker, Mandron has gone to Crewe, Eaves has gone to Hull. We have won 3 of our last 4 games….. 3-0 at Wimbledon, (Wyke hat trick), 1-0 vs Shrewsbury, (Wyke) and 1-0 at Ipswich, (Wyke). It doesn’t really matter how we win, but I’m hugely confident that we will win.


It’s not happened for Will Grigg at SAFC, it’s not going to, good luck to the lad. Word is he’s going to Salford or Shrewsbury on loan, we’ve all had situations akin to, can I borrow a fag?can I borrow a cotton bud? Can I borrow your Sopranos Box Set…..let’s not fuck about eh. You’re welcome to him, but we ain’t having him back.

Will Grigg, (right)…. just not worked out

Big Issue, Big Issue, Big Issue….”

I don’t want £2 of anyone’s cash…. but there’s a couple of Big Issues at Sunderland….whilst it took some treacherous weather, LJ finally ditched the Club Coat last night, Evans will pitch up looking like a Train conductor on his last day before redundancy….hopefully LJ will not step back into wearing a shit coat? The other pressing issue surrounding the club is …. Luke needs a haircut, I can do this Luke no bother, just message me, (not 5-6pm though as I watch The Chase)

Bar Graph Badgers 0 vs Bell End Bloggers 0, (AET)

Was going to do a graph but the SAFCBlog Super Computer is fucked, it’s at Tandy awaiting a new Transponder, instead of a graph I’ve applied a new scientific process….

Shithouse SAFCBlog Scrabble Saturday Soda Stream KLF Club

Computer, (super), fucked…. SAFCBlog has been working on a formula, (scientific), the result of which is…..SAFCBlog Predicts….. SAFC 2 vs GFC 0

SAFCBlog – No Better Than Average – FTM

No footie for fucking ages, new leaf at SAFCBlog, I’m going to ring a footie pal every half time till we are allowed in the ground again….. Saturday, Jamie….. Tuesday, Steve….. TBC

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