“Goodbye Ruby Crewesday….”

SAFCBlog loves a Tuesday night game under the lights in the real world, watching the game online is shite, but somehow, a Tuesday night stream is more exciting than a Saturday afternoon stream?

Must tidy the office sometime soon?

Game on……

7pm kick off rather than 7.45pm, but it really doesn’t matter?

7pm …. the teams are out, Crewe are sporting a Rugby League / Ice Hockey Hybrid Style Kit

7.01pm… Phil Watch

Unseasonably warm again….
Another cotton/wool mix temperate evening. Probably the last ‘no coat game’ til February? Hopefully Phil has a plan?
“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail??”

To be fair to Phil, he seems to be making an effort with his appearance? Tonight irrelevant as Crewe gaffer turned up dressed a as lorry driver, Kenny Jackett will no doubt pitch up like a man at thirsk races wearing his court suit?

Whilst the Crewe gaffer pitches up looking like a sack of shit, it’ll be a different story next Tuesday with that cove from Rochdale?

1st half… delighted that Phil is obviously reading the blog, Scowen on corners is miles better.

We totally dominate, goal from Charlie on 45….. c’mon you know?

Monday thoughts…….
“Everyone loves a bit of Charlie?”

Half time….. instinct would suggest, they’ll get a chance, they can’t surely be as bad 2nd half?

45 til 80 minutes ….. completely boss the game, but it’s 1-0 and that’s a dangerous score? But….. we’ve played really, really well thus far 

80 til the end….. another clean sheet. If you don’t concede, you don’t lose. Bailey Wright is immense, another clean sheet huge for Burge…. happy, happy days ⚽️

Fed up of watching online, decent collect on Charlie though, so celebratory meal….

Lockdown clipped the wings of SAFCBlog, thankfully….. Mohammed was able to deliver said lamb mince mountain

In Summary….. not unlike Saturday, we controlled the game against an average team. Goals win games, but clean sheets don’t lose games…. onwards and fucking upwards. Pompey on Saturday, preview one day this week…… goodnight

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