“Goodbye Ruby Shrewsbury… “

1 sleep and we go again, football is very, very, very good…. Let’s take a moment; if we beat Shrewsbury and Cambridge, (no guarantees but both a shite), we then go into December with 3 home games in 8 days, I’m where I was as regards the suitability of our management, but I’m passionate and 100% on board. It’s an oft used phrase in football that we shouldn’t get Get carried away? That’s bollocks, I’m happy to get carried away at the slightest hint of owt good happening

This Blog is Fucking Shite? It’s not even about Football?

Yes and Yes…. But let’s not forget we live in a digital, media hungry, 24 hour news world?

“Belgium my arse……”

Tuesday….. we go again⚽️


All roads lead to The New Meadow……

Typical generic flat pack, lower league, Lego, tinpot ground….. but the grass is the same as anywhere…. Let’s get this done, just 1 sleep, that’s all? Shite old drive hone all through the night, but it’s what we do 🔴⚪️⚽️

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