Hapless Sunderland get Hammered at Portsmouth….

A Long Day….

5.15am it is then!
19 hours and 59 minutes later!

There’s no dressing it up, Portsmouth is a long way, although it hasn’t moved location and it was obviously my choice to go. To be fair Portsmouth are one of the few teams in this league who reciprocate in terms of travelling in healthy numbers to the SOL. Lots was made of a rivalry a few years ago, there isn’t – they are a big club with a sound fanbase, we had a good day on the ale, both before and after the game with some Pompey fans and look forward to seeing some of them again at the SOL. Given yesterday was such a long day, I’ll keep this short, there’s not much point doing player ratings, although credit to the German Keeper, his save at 3-0 was sublime, sadly no one could be arsed to go for the rebound and Marquis tapped it home for 4-0

The Weather and the Pitch….

Absolute shocker of a day, wetter than an otters pocket
Rain is wet, larger quantities of rain are very wet
Surely this lad could have had the day off?

By the end of the game the pitch wasn’t playable yesterday, but given the game was over at half time, it doesn’t really matter? Both teams got exactly what they deserved out of the game. Of course I would have been delighted if the ref had called it off, if it had been level he probably would have, but it wasn’t level because we put in a spineless, inept performance. Fair dos to LJ, who pretty much said this in his interview after the game. Extremely difficult conditions yesterday, but it was the same for both teams – we got dicked, end of.

Caught between a Rock and a wet Place….

Much as it’s a decent away day, the thought of abandonment did induce the fear of coming back on a Tuesday night

The Game…..

Not much to say, there was a foul on Winchester in the build up to the 2nd goal – but let’s be honest that’s clutching at almost non existent straws? Win and lose with equal grace – they deserved to win and we deserved to lose.

Wet, Wet, Wet…..

The main thing I learnt from today, is how heavy wet flags are, like seriously heavy …..

Fortunately we’d had the hindsight to travel south with a shopping trolley….

Bad day – we go again⚽️?⚪️⚫️ All roads lead to Lincoln

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