Hapless Sunderland Slump To Defeat

We were desperately poor at Rotherham, losing 5-1 is not good, but never look back…..tonight we were poor again and were well beaten, whilst it is fair to say Rotherham are a good side, (should win this league), Sheff Weds are not a good side? It’s late now, so I’ll comment further tomorrow, but thought I’d pen a brief report




£5, (cash), the chap told us we were lucky as we’d got one of the last spaces, all positive so far…..

Sheff Weds…..

Feels like a proper club, ground full of character, but not really for for purpose? Shite view, concourse a joke


Only option in the ground was chicken & ham pie…..

Aesthetics 1/10❌ ….. Taste 10/10🌎✅

The Game…..

Rubbish, 0-3

SAFCBlog 1 vs Traffic 0

We left after 58 minutes, I appreciate not everyone agrees with doing this, I will never boo the team – at 0-3 I felt it was a good time to leave, especially as we had a quick getaway having secured pole position in the car park ✅

Car Park……

Fucking brilliant…..
9.15pm, only 25 minutes to go……


Back to the Bright Lights of North Yorkshire…… at least Sheffield isn’t far?

SAFCBlog Initial Thoughts…..

I appreciate it’s the Nature of the Beast, but the inevitable vitriol that becomes managers is not something I’m hugely comfortable with, regular readers, (**), will know where I’m at with LJ. Having lost heavily, (again), it’s inevitable that any thoughts / analysis are going to be mostly negative…..

SAFCBlog Thoughts Spezial…..

  • We looked terrified from the off
  • 1st goal a good finish, but t was aided by not bothering to mark him
  • 2nd goal typical of a team lacking confidence, allowing the ball to bounce in your own 6 yard box doesn’t tend to end well
  • Having played Championship and International football, you would hope that AOB could kick the ball with his left foot? He can’t ! There’s absolutely no point playing him on the left wing?
  • Playing out from the back is ok when you are confident, we are not…. This tactic requires using the width of the pitch, setting up 4,3,3 completely negates this approach?
  • Why the fuck is O’Nien taking corners? Just let Dan Neil take them? It reminds me of McGeady 2 years ago, I don’t know if Luke is a self appointed main man, but to allow him to take set pieces is weak management?
  • 1st half was desperate, surely something had to change? Subs?
  • We’ve lost 3 in a row, realistically if you press us 10 yards further up than you usually would and put a few crosses in, we look fairly easy to beat?
  • October International break – fucking 5th in the league….. Deja vu, (french for forgetful fuckwit 🇫🇷)
  • Pies good though✅
  • All is not well, not even anywhere near well…..
  • We go again Saturday vs Mansfield Town in the cup, (tickets still available……)

Back tomorrow with a hopefully more positive outlook….

November International Break…. 5th in Division 3…

#1 Ross

#2 Parkinson

#3 Johnson

#4 ??????
Same old fucking same old….

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