Ha’Way…. Away Days at Home Park…. Plymouth Away in Preview

We haven’t won for ages, we are playing shite, we are going to be in the playoffs, a win at Plymouth would be a huge boost confidence and momentum wise. Plymouth are crap, although like lots of other crap teams, they won at the SOL, their last two home games have ended in a 0-3 and a 0-6 defeat. SAFCBlog predicts….. PAFC 3 vs SAFC 2

Unsocial Media….

Much of the Sporting World is boycotting Social Media this weekend, the message is clear and hugely positive, I’m going to write about the match on Saturday though. That’s not to say I’m not 100% behind the stance being taken…. media is a huge part of our lives, any prejudice lacks class; abuse, (online on otherwise), is abhorrent, whether it be based on class, gender, race, disability, belief, sexuality etc….. there’s absolutely no doubt that the Social Media Platforms need to tighten their procedures, there’s not enough accountability and sadly those that used to write in green crayon and were the archetypal 100 yard heroes are now afforded more of a voice from behind their keyboard than their intelligence and integrity should afford them. Negatives a plenty…. but…. there’s also loads of good out there, I can only speak for myself, but Social Media has been really positive for me, (albeit with the relevant filters), I’m more than happy to share that I’ve had mental health issues, I’ve suffered from depression and have ongoing challenges… but we all have our challenges, every one of us, no one is without worries…. so whilst this weekends blackout is geared towards, “don’t be abusive/don’t be a dick”…. equally so, the positive power of Social Media is out there, it is hugely important to not be a knob… but there’s also an opportunity to be kind and do the right thing. So, whilst I’m 100% behind the stance this weekend, I’ll continue to write this shite in relation to our game at the weekend, DMs always open all you good, good people.

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