“Hey You With the Ross Stewart Crewe….”

Probably going to have an afternoon nap, but just 1 Regulation Sleep, before the Lads take on The Alex ⚽️

Are Crewe any good?

No, they are crap. They have just 1 win from 12 league games, to be fair until we scored a couple of worldies in the last 10 minutes, they completely outplayed us at Gresty Road last season? But….. I keep saying, it’s different this year, I believe it is different, part of this will be winning at places like Crewe? It’s unrealistic to win every game, but as mentioned the other day, if we can beat Crewe and Charlton we will be top of the league and I genuinely believe the confidence and momentum will kick in, coupled with our quality that should be plenty enough to piss this league?

Old Faces……

McFadzean and Mandaron, whilst neither did much at SAFC, Mandaron usually scores against us and is a handful

The Gaffer…….

Was always going to be a big ask making the transition from playing snooker to football management?

Most clever people wear glasses, Artell is no exception to this, he has a Degree in Forensic Biology, so whilst on Saturday the post match thoughts of the opposition Manager were absolute drivel from a fat scotch prick with shit shoes, we should have no such Media Comms Issues tomorrow night?

You Are What You Wear(side)….

“More is More”…… no contest

Gone are the days of Sheepskin Coats, Tracksuits, Casual Racism and Noncing….football managers today are not only intelligent, but they are considered Style Icons?

Better than it was Lee – but what are those fucking shoes? It’s not a barn dance?
“Hey Jack, I’ve got the same coat as you….” “Aye whatever wee man, ya luk like a sack o pish, aye, ya Ken mae ya wee bastard, ya luk like a gadge frum Emmerdale Farm ya wee Tosspot 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿“

Another Cutting Edge Preview…..

Sure there’s websites where you source that if that’s your bag?

SAFCBlog Predicts…… CAFC 1 vs SAFC 3

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