HMS Piss The League

“Straight into these Lower League Railway Jobbers….”
I don’t miss many games, today is the 2nd away I’ve missed in 4 days and also in 3 years. That’s my choice and as often cited any credit attached to such attendance could most certainly offset with the lunacy argument?

Absolute Folly…..

There’s an argument that it’s completely irrelevant for me to write about a game I’m not at, or even watching, although having reported on a full season of closed doors games, previewed a ghost game at St Mirren and generally not really offered any reportage of any quality over the last 3 years, the remit of covering each game seems more important than offering any words of any quality or wisdom. Conversely, there’s absolutely no need to retweet, like, follow or even read….. I won’t offer the opportunity to not win a phone re: an annoying pop up, monetise the site for cookies etc,etc etc. it might be shite, but it’s digitally clean shite✅

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Division 3…..

Full set of fixtures tonight, we’ve had a really good start, we’ve finally started to make the SOL a Fortress, we’ve only lost twice away, (played well at Burton, played shite at Portsmouth), we’ve not lost in our new fancy yellow kit…. The omens are good⚽️🔴⚪️

Omen – scary little fucker

Elsewhere in the Lower Leagues….

Wigan play MK Wimbledon, Wycombe play Rotherham….. this means less to me than the Capital of Austria does to that scotch bloke who was the singer in Ultravox – this isn’t arrogance, confidence maybe? Ultimately we Need to do it this year, we will only achieve this by taking care of our own destiny- we’ve had a good start, we have the best squad – let’s just get this done

The Match……,

Strangely enough the establishments surrounding my warm weather training retreat seem to be showing the Man City and !Liverpool games tonight, that’s fair enough, when we are in the Premiership in a few years, I won’t want to watch shit teams like Crewe and Shrewsbury.

That’s a very strong team at this level? Smash these tonight – 100%
Game on⚽️
4, (FOUR)⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
4, (FOUR)⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
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HMS Piss The League…..

It has been mentioned….. All Aboard 🛳

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