Huddersfield 0 vs Sunderland 2, Job Done.

It was hugely important we won last night…

We made hard work of it, but job done✅

Getting there…

Shite traffic and weather, but piece of piss really,

My closest game, (shame it wasn’t a Saturday), even 9hrs 58mins to walk doesn’t seem completely unreasonable? Slight detour to Wetherby to pick up a couple of idiots unable to take decent photo between them, but overall a simple journey with simple folk.

Quick pint in a WMC that could be best described as very, very West Yorkshire,

Proper carpet✅

Although, matching trainers to carpets has potential as an exciting new SAFCBlog feature?

The Stadium

Bizarre really as once in view of the pitch, it’s a fairly impressive stadium. But the facilities are absolutely shite, massive queue for the toilets and all outdoor, concourse is very generous, it’s more of a compound? I left my travel companions in the pub and was in the ground early, no issues getting in, but apparently it was a nightmare for the later arrivals.

5 minutes til kick off – insufficient turnstiles

The Match….

The 1st half was dreadful, easily the worst we’ve played this season, we just seemed lacking in all departments, we looked scared to get involved? We looked nervy and just didn’t get close enough to them, numerous stray passes, few bottled challenges, admittedly it was an awful night, but to be fair the pitch was immaculate and as always it’s the same for both teams. The Championship is great, it feels like a whole new world, I love it, I’m a huge advocate of getting into teams from right from the off, for whatever reason last night, we were completely out of sorts and never got a grip of the game, all very weird, we need to be better from the off at the weekend. The Huddersfield fans I spoke to are under no illusions they have a difficult campaign ahead, but they were the better team 1st half. 0-0

Shocking weather

Half time

It stopped raining, spoke to a nice WPC who was having a bath when she finished at 11pm, the ground is just a weird set up though, given there’s fuck all around the ground, there’s no need to have such a small, crappy concourse/ compound?

2nd half

We were better, (definitely not great though), we created chances and deserved to win the game. The introduction of Simms at half time was obviously key, once again we scored within 10 minutes of him coming on the pitch.

The 1st goal was beautiful, 7 or 8 quick passes on the ground, covering the length of the pitch, not quite as good as Reading, but another wonderful team goal. Good to see Pritchard milking it in front of their fans, there’s not enough shithousery in the modern game, well done Alex. The second goal was another good break, I’ve not seen on the tv but it didn’t look an overly convincing finish from Amad, but I thought that vs Burnley, then when seen on telly it was clear he’d completely sold the keeper.

The development of Patterson this calendar year has been sensational, (it was only January at Wycombe when he was thrown in), he looks better every game, he made a superb save 30 seconds before we went ahead, literally as important as a goal.

Luke O’Nien has been brilliant this season, last night he was absolutely tremendous, man of the match by a mile.

The only time we’ve played as bad as the 1st half last night was the 1st half at Swansea, on that occasion I felt Mowbray got his team selection wrong and was a little slow to change it. Full credit to the gaffer last night, Evans had a shocker, Embleton wasn’t good…..

Yes Tony ✅⚽️


Much needed win, we weren’t great, in fact we’ve already drawn and lost games where we played much better than last night, but great result – onwards and upwards.

Always get a bit muddled when we play Weds rather than Tues, I guess I should do a Cardiff Preview, but busy as fuck next few days, so if I do it won’t be very good. Anyway, we’ll definitely beat those South Welsh Jobbers, SAFCBlog predicts ….. SAFC 3 vs CCFC 1⚽️⚽️⚽️🔴⚪️

As aforementioned the pitch was very good, but the rain was Accrington-esque, at least the provision of a roof meant I was able to travel home in my clothes this time!

If The Tinpot Lower League Lancashire Jobbers had a roof, this would have never happened?
SAFCBlog –

Loads of songs about rain, I’m too giddy after last night for Travis or Bob Dylan and 2 fat birds singing about it raining men isn’t really my bag. Writing a bang average blog is easy, imagine being able to write this…..❤️

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