Hull at home 10 minute free view


It’s Friday tomorrow, ordinarily Friday is my favourite day of the week, Good Friday and footie makes it a lovely Friday, (apologies to Jesus). Busy as fuck at SAFCBlog HQ, so I’ll keep this brief.

Are Hull any good?

No – they are shit, they can’t decide whether they are in Yorkshire or Humberside? East Riding my arse

The Championship

This season has been great, sadly playing Hull is shit, has there ever been a good game? I’ve seen Jack Rodwell and Billy Jones score at the Hull KR arena in recent years, twice after smashing those horrible bastards at Sid James Park, we lost pathetically at home to them?

Post Hull after the 1-0, (when 4 in a row was a thing), hindsight a wonderful thing, but I had to get home to walk the dogs, (**not for one moment suggesting that AJ was angling to finger SAFCBlog in the car park of a Chinese restaurant)


The old town is good for a day on the lash. No doubt loads of famous people from Hull, just Google it. 5.30pm kickoff a bit unusual- game on though, I might have a lie in on Saturday.

SAFCBlog predicts …. A 3-0 win⚽️⚽️⚽️


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