I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost

League 1 club votes

Not true…… of course I am, not flying white bedsheets, but the lad in the Sixth Sense and that scary little fucker Damien Omen are enough to scare anyone. Whether ghosts are real is another discussion altogether…..

Are ghosts real? I’m a cynic, it’s a no from me……
But then there’s grown ups who buy into this? So the jury is out I guess? ‘Religious Animation of Opinions as always……’

This Blog is getting worse?

Scary little fucker

Hard to argue otherwise and it wasn’t even that good to start with? Worry not though, the Ghost Reference is not irrelevant shite, it’s a seamless link to more top quality content.

2019/2020……… The Ghost Season

The League 1 clubs should finally complete the farcical self interest exercise and decide on the fate of the season. I’ve said it to death, but there’s only really 2 options, amazingly it looks like we are going to end up with option 3?

Self Preservation….

I support Sunderland, my belief is the ideal scenario is to finish the season when safe, failing that it’s null and void. My team are 2 points off automatic promotion with 8 games to play, we have a favourable run in. It looks like we  will miss out on the play offs when the vote is conducted. I’m obviously going to favour playing to a conclusion, but I’m a fan and I’m only interested in my team. With this in mind it would be ridiculous for fans to decide? Well, that’s effectively what the EFL are sanctioning through giving clubs the vote? It’s like asking if you want to get in a taxi with Dec …… or go in Ants’ mini with him at the wheel and that big fat Labrador sat on your lap

It’s not Rocket Science?

Well fancy that? The team in 2nd with 7 teams within 2 points think we should end it now?

Well I never? Mid table lower league jobbers happy to not bother, (more on these later in the article)
No shit Sherlock? Wycombe are 8th, outside the play offs, out of form….. oh and will be elevated to 3rd!

Weak as piss, lower league jobbers, (more on them later in the article)
He.just wants Greggs to reopen?

Self appointed panto villain etc – but as I’ve often said, he’s a smart lad

Tranmere Rovers Football Club

Tranmere have really been through the mill in recent seasons – they dropped out of the league, although back to back promotions see then in League 1. Survival would be a great season for them I’d guess? They only won 5 of their first 31 games, but they have hit some form and won their last 3. Not only are they the form team, they still have to play Wimbledon who are 3 points ahead of them and destined to survive by default, (I wonder which way Wimbledon will vote?)

A Cynical view from a Big Club Fan

League 1 is pretty depressing, Sunderland and Ipswich are in League 1 because they deserve to be, having finished in a relegation spot upon completion of a full Championship season. Sunderland and ipswich are the 2 best supported teams in L1, they travel in the biggest numbers, local rivalries aside for most clubs these are their biggest games. Whilst being in L1 is not the preferred option for ipswich and Sunderland – their presence is favourable for most of the other teams? Let’s pick a random mid table team….. Blackpool for example….

Blackpool vs Ipswich & Sunderland, (circa 8000 combined visiting fans), and 2 big away days at decent stadiums?


Blackpool vs Wycombe and Oxford, (circa 750 combined visiting fans) and 2 away days in front of 6’000 crowds at small grounds in the middle of nowhere?

The ghost game tickets- I was going to say you can keep the £38 Blackpool, but bollocks to that
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