I get the same old dreams same time every night……

Bonkers year thus far….. strange, strange days. I’m of an age where routine is everything, the last 3 months have shall we say, twisted my melons man! 

Unpredictability 1 vs Normality 0, (AET) Grigg own goal

Will life ever be the same again? For example, Yorkshire TV, (Yorkshire for Tyne Tees), treats us to the local news at 6pm. Pre Lockdown it was 2 from 3 presenters per show…. since Lockdown it’s a solo show.

Does it matter?

Of course it matters; there’s 3 presenters….. Duncan Wood, (jolly Geography Teacher type in a shit suit)….. Gaynor Barnes, (pleasant Doctors Receptionist type)….. and Christine Talbot, (SAFCBlog favourite and absolute stunner).

Global Pandemics are a huge inconvenience, it’s affected us all. In non pandemic world, there’s a 66% chance of Christine on my TV, it’s currently 33%, (I think these figures are correct). Thankfully SAFCBlog has a Super Computer – programmed correctly, (by experts), it’s very, very clever…


Pretty simple formula by all accounts, Christine…. safcblog1@gmail.com to finalise that photo shoot I emailed you about.

We are the Champions(hip)…..

We just had the one season in the Championship, although it wasn’t for us, it is half decent and saleable for TV etc, so they’re going to crack on with it…..

Dreamer, Nothing but a Dreamer…..

First game is Fulham vs Brentford, hopefully Fulham win and then Leeds lose at Cardiff on Sunday, and it’s game on…..

Leeds United – not my bag

This Blog is shite and getting worse…..

Hard to argue otherwise…… it’ll be months til the Red an White Wizards of Wonderland take to the pitch in anger. A rationale mind would decide to quit blogging for a few months? A lunatic would write a poem……..  

The Blog must go on…….

TV VS REAL LIFE……..”footballs back, something we lack. All games live, oh for a trip to a northern dive, VAR, stop the car, Villa Park goal was missed, Simon’s pissed, Arsenal too deep, Nathan’s asleep, Take the knee, kebab for tea, Premiership is great, train is late, 1 match bans, breakfast cans, club ties, pork pies, Premiership elite, minced doner meat, Liverpool champions of course, extra chilli sauce, Klopp project is working, hold the gherkin, all about league one, is this what my life has become???”

SAFCBlog – Devoid of quality – FTM

Football 💜⚽️ …. you’ve been gone too long…..

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