I Streamed a Stream…..

Another game tonight, another game I will be watching an online stream as I’m not allowed to go.

COVID 19 vs SAFC 1, (B. Johnson 1,3,8,17,22,31,38,46,53pen,56,70,73,75,78,83,86,88,90,90+4), (D.Cummings 19,OG)

The theatre is better than books, the cinema is better than the theatre, live football is better than everything, (entertainment industry of opinions as always).

Cinemas, like lots of the hospitality industry, are on the bones of their arse. Today Boris said we need to go to the cinema, what the fuck? Whilst I’m partial to an overpriced plastic tub of nachos with hot liquid cheese – surely if we can go the cinema inside, we can go to the footie outside?

EFL Trophy….. last season we played 3 games in this competition. Whilst I should have better things to do, I attended all 3, I’m not allowed to go this season……


8112, (16.6% of capacity)


6952, (14.2% of capacity)


SAFCBlog – Socially Distanced Unsocial Shithose South Yorkshire Social Media
1002, (11.1% of capacity)

We can’t go on like this til March, it’s just absolute fucking madness? I read an article last week saying football was being held back because of the reliance on public transport…..it was announced today that the O2 Arena will host gigs to a reduced capacity of 4700….. for anyone who knows the area that can only be 4700 arriving on the Jubilee Line? Yep, a global pandemic is a concern, but why the fuck is football being treated so poorly?

The rich get richer, whilst to poor get richer?

These are tough, tough times for a lot of businesses. No fans in grounds is shite, somewhere down the line, lots of clubs are going to feel the impact? The PL is fine as ticket money irrelevant , the Championship are bleating but they are ok, L1, L2, NL & NLN/NLS are in a perilous position? Bizarrely, the leagues below are thriving as they are welcoming new fans and bigger crowds than ever!

“Show me the money”

Transfer Deadline day, of course it’s obscene that clubs are going tits up whilst PL clubs are paying telephone numbers for average players….. but let’s remember to only ever compare eggs with eggs?

Championship clubs are asking for a £250 million bailout from the Premiership Clubs….. I’m a huge believer in it not being assumed/mandatory that Waitrose bail out the corner shop?

  • The owners of Burnley are valued at £65 million
  • The owners of Barnsley are worth £7 billion
  • The proposed bailout figure of £250 million is 0.07% of the net worth of the owners of the Championship clubs

“This blog has always been shite, but at least it used to be mildly amusing?”

Hard to argue otherwise, I can’t be arsed to proof read this shite, so I’m 100% on board with anyone who doesn’t read this, I wouldn’t read it – it’s absolutely shit, (blog of opinions as always)

Tonight’s game……

This is our 9th cup game against them since we last met in the league in 1986, we’ve not lost to them since a 1-0 defeat in the Anglo Scotch Cup in 1975.

Carlisle are fairly shit, but a great club with a rich heritage. Strange place, famous people include International Netball Star Helen Housby who is an absolute stunner and Olympic Badminton Star Lauren Smith, not quite so fit.

Netball, almost as good as football

Celebrity lorry driver Eduardo Stobhart is from Carlisle – obviously SAFCBlog has better things to do than wave at lorry drivers, but for many it’s an adult version of getting excited seeing army vehicles and getting truckers to blast their horn?

Tonights game means very little, I’d expect to win, but it doesn’t really matter – with this in mind I’ve decided not to bother looking at their team.

Lights, camera, action…..

What a fucking time to be alive?

Game on……

  • Start well
  • 2 minutes, not since Jordan Gomez took 3 corners at stoke away, none of which made it into play has there been a worse corner than the one Maguire took tonight
  • 5 minutes, penalty to them….. Keeper not getting there, striker not going to score. Definitely a penalty, but shocking keeping, 0-1
  • 19 minutes, almost equalise
  • Goal 1-1
  • Goal 2-1
  • Half time

These are shite, we have a strong team out, I’d reckon 4/5-1 is on the cards?

PHIL WATCH…. 2nd outing for his new jumper. I’d be the first to say I spend too much time, energy and money on my attire…. I’ve no issue with someone wearing the same clothes everyday, I’ve a couple of pals who do this, Art, (sleeps in his car) and Simon, (sells knock off frozen meat). 

The right man for the job 100% – it matters not that he looks like an extra off Emmerdale Farm

2nd half…….

  • 54 minutes, 3-1 . Winning is good, we never win at Wembley, maybe we could use this competition to bury the hatchet?
  • 68 minutes 4-1
  • 72 minutes 4-2, I’m busy,(ish), but free match days if the club need a reserve keeper?
  • 83 minutes 4-3, great goal
  • 91 minutes 5-3, absolute rocket from Diamond
  • 94 minutes….. full time

No fans at football? 4700 at the O2 arena for a gig? Squeeze? Squeeze my fucking arse…… the devil came and took me from bar to street to bookie – FTMhttps://youtu.be/RQciegmLPAo

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