Incoming SAFC Manager- First & Last Thoughts….

We’ll be getting a new gaffer this week, like Jack Ross before him, Phil did ok. Opinions will rightly always differ, Social Media is here to stay – it’s not always the nicest place, if it were a pub you’d never go in it… in fact it would be stripped of its license and turned into a Costa Coffee? Whilst I write about SAFC most days, I’m just going to sit tight and see who the manager is. Like his predecessors Phil will get another job, I genuinely wish him the very best of luck, he’s a good football man, he’s a good man all round…. let’s Stay Classy. 

So, rather than write about the speculated appointment, although i suspect it won’t be a long process this time, I’d be surprised if an appointment t wasn’t made tomorrow afternoon, so the new man, (or lady), can be in the stands tomorrow night? There’s going be loads to read online regarding the appointment, so I though it appropriate to have a Leftfield Look at the search for a new boss. Obviously once an appointment is made,I’ll assess his wardrobe…….for now, here’s a couple of case studies that perhaps relate to our situation….


“Dirty Debbie, 1980s Chip Shop worker”

When I was growing up, chips were still affordable and the Chip Shop was a huge part of everyday life, there was a decent chippy about 2 minutes walk from school, so 5 days a week it was chips & scraps. There was a lady, (ahem), who worked in said chip shop……

  • She’d seen better days, but she still had an appeal about her, so even though she’d been found the block/had a few miles on the clock, she still had enough pull so that there was always someone keen to ‘give her one of each’ so to speak
  • As aforementioned she was tidy, not your typical chip shop worker. Turns out she had a few O’levels and had just come to work at the chip shop for a short stint, but had ended up being there the best part of 3 years
  • She could never stick with anyone for long, every new man was going to be the one….but her expectations were higher than the reality of chip shop life
  • There was a guy a few years ago who was the one, but his head was turned by Big Brenda the Manager of Iceland Frozen foods, there was a scotch bloke who looked good on paper – but by the time they got together he’d lost his mojo and had no real interest in the relationship. The Italian bloke was exciting but it was never going to last, but he did take her to Newcastle one Sunday afternoon and she had the best day of her life.
  • When you never settle there’s always a danger of choosing the wrong man on the rebound, she dated a Welsh bloke who was a good looking lad but ultimately was thicker than a whale omelette 
  •  So….. although she’s too good to work in chip shop, she’s still there, game of opinions, but she needs to realise she’s not too big for the potato based takeaway industry. Whilst the owners of the chip shop are full of shit and can’t be trusted, (although they did replace the forecourt furniture). They are forever banging on about being mates with the likes of Harry Ramsden & Murgatroyd – realistically they are all mouth?
  • So there’s a case study of a situation that should probably be better than it is, but proof that no one has a divine right to anything.  Tempting as it is, she should never go back, for some reason ‘time rose tints memories’, she’s still holding a candle for that bloke from Uruguay who did a shit in the staff room at The Codfather. Stability is probably needed in this individuals life? Finding the right partner is not easy, but these things take time, you can’t just move on because they are not perfect…..well you can, but you’ll end up in a depressing cycle and before you know it you’re just another chip shop worker regardless of that Art GCSE….
Chips and Gravy ✅ it’s madness to think we live in a world where you can digitally interact with people on the other side of the world…… and still, some people put curry sauce on chips????

I’m not surprised that they use Mayo/salad cream down south….. but questions have to asked about the SW of Scotchland?


Sunderland AFC

SAFCBlog – back tomorrow night with a review of the Burton Albion victory.

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