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Sunderland 3rd in the league table

Into the great unknown

All a bit weird at the moment, everyday life is undoubtedly going to change greatly. I’m genuinely at a loss as to what people who don’t watch sport and bet on sport, do on a weekend?

A break from the norm….

“Quieter than a pool party at Barrymores gaff”
“I’ll level with you…. I’m struggling for a treble! Hope they’ve got a big scoreboard for the big game between ‘Club Defensores de Cabaceres’ & ‘Juventus Unida de SAN Miguel?’
Did anyone know what Hiatus meant before this week?

Into the wilderness….

Shit all to watch on Sky tonight, I’m going to give Castleford Tigers Vs St Helens a go. Too many rules in rugby though, so I’m not optimistic of seeing the whole game through.

The short and the long of it…..

No football being played, thankfully the SAFCBlog Super Computer is back from the menders. Like the Pools Panel, (but with algorithms for added accuracy), it predicts the outcome of games not played.

The Short Game…

Following on from Saturdays 2-0 win at Blackpool, the results this coming Tuesday and Saturday were favourable for SAFC…..

SAFC Blog pools panel results

So after the disappointment of last weeks humbling at Bristol Rovers, Sunderland are right back in the mix as this updated league table shows…….

Sunderland 3rd in the league table
Sunderland move up to 3rd place…..

The Long Game….

Speculation a plenty, obviously the League Cup is done and dusted, so that remains Man City’s? Common sense would suggest they just hang onto the Premiership Trophy too, whilst it’s a real shame for Liverpool, competitions can only count if completed?

3 in a row for City – it would be nice to think someone could contest their domestic dominance next season?

Venezuelan Football Suspended…..

No great surprise, but a hammer blow for a project that SAFCBlog, (and others), were backing. Red Wine and Arepas: How Football is becoming Venezuela’s Religion, by Jordan Florit. I’m sure he’ll see the project to fruition, genuinely excited about reading this – in a time when we will all need a football fix, this is perfect.

Red wine and arepas
Pre orders being taken online now


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