Ipswich Town Away Preview 10.08.19

Ipswich Town Away Preview

Saturday was shite….. but we go again as always. I’m not convinced many people read this, but for those who were about for a bit of 80s football…. Ipswich Town were a fantastic team; in the way that mattered……a swagger, gorgeous Adidas kits, pin up players etc…… Sir Bobby Robson Ipswich Town Legend

World Cup 1990

Much as people, (rightly), got excited about Southgate last summer. The 1990 World Cup was just wonderful – Sir Bobby was perfect. Listen to an interview or read a book by any of that team and there’s a common theme….. Absolute Legend.
Growing up in the 80s, Liverpool won most stuff, (fair enough as they played the right way and were yet to assume victim status)
But….. in a corner of England….. Wark, Mills, Mariner, Osman, Beattie, Brazil, Thiyssen, Murhen, Gates, Butcher…. I said in the review of our game on Saturday that we lacked a swagger….. SWAGGER??? These boys owned it…… keeper Paul Cooper, (I had the same hairstyle), saved 8/10 penalties in the 79/80 season – that’s bonkers?

Tracksuit porn

1980s…… fucking mint

Couldn’t care less about Ipswich – but what a beautiful photo?

Ipswich Town 2019

SAFC Blog has previously alluded to the notion of never look back…….sometimes it’s ok? That was then & this is now…… From afar…. they had a good manager…. they replaced him with a really bad manager…..and then replaced him with a better manager, (but not as good as the original manager), Appreciate that’s a view from afar, and from the little bits I’ve heard on phone ins etc, the style of play was a real issue? So, Ipswich Town shouldn’t be in L1…. but I’m led to believe…. getting out of it can be tricky? In an earlier article I predicted they’d finish 13th, (they remind me of us 12 months ago). They are well fancied in the betting and had a great win on Saturday….. for me, I think anywhere near the top 6 come what May would be a tremendous achievement?

Great win Saturday

Ipswich Town v Sunderland SAFC Blog prediction….

Of the current 92 grounds, I’ve visited 85 – I’ve never been to Ipswich. SAFC were there a couple of years ago for a 2-5 defeat, with Lee Camp making an absolute arse of the evening, (little did we know it was to be one of his better games!?) Historically ‘Big’ clubs start slowly in L1, although Ipswich were as good as down by September, so no excuses on that front? They will obviously be considered a ‘scalp’ for many, but as I’ve alluded to in previous posts, being a big team, is not a valid excuse for not performing? Not unlike ourselves, they’ve been through the mill….. 14 wins from the last 80 games, (before Saturday), can be a hard habit to break? Looking at Saturday, the arrival of James Norwood from Tranmere should offer a 25 goal return? After 44 games last year, we’d only lost 4; each of these 4 defeats was followed by a win. I know we didn’t lose Saturday, (but it was awful), part of me sees us smashing them on Saturday? Don’t buy into past results as a barometer, but we’ve got a shite recent record there. It’s easy to say….. but SAFC Blog predicts a 1-1 draw. FTM SAFCBlog 14 hours ago Online now with all manner of other SAFC related articles at https://t.co/KXYq0CBFuK… Read More SAFCBlog 14 hours ago @steveovo3 Crisps and craft ales…. You?… Read More SAFCBlog 14 hours ago @dpaulgoodfellow @SAFCsource @RokerReport I guess *cash is king when youve not got a pot to piss in?*… Read More