Isolation, Isolation, Isolation…….

Isolation, isolation, isolation

Isolation, Isolation, Isolation

Kirsty….. always a difficult call…. not Davina, not Dawn French, but it just works?
Staying In…. Officially the new Going Out?

Lockdown Days….

Getting fucking serious now…….

Sausage, cheese and bean melt…… we’ll meet again I promise
No more McDonalds for you fat lad

Lockdown Sports Betting…..

I’m acutely aware of addiction issues, betting for me is fun, so no need to stop. A product of these unprecedented times is the realisation of, just how much we talk about all things football?  For myself a huge part of this is having a punt on a weekend…..

When the Fun Stops….. STOP….. horrible day at Wembley as always – the reflection however offers a reminder of a great day spent with great people

Tinpot Shite Football……

Languishing in Division 3 is shit. Given there’s no footie to bet on and I had £50 or so in my SKYBET account, starting on Weds I had a few bets on the little football being played. It turns out backing favourites in tinpot leagues works?

Football in England is competitive at all levels, the random leagues still playing in Europe clearly aren’t competitive. Whilst Watford can beat Liverpool 3-0, it seems in Burundi, St Kitts, Belarus etc, there’s the odd good team and the rest are utter shite? A bit like Scotchland I guess, where you have a couple of good teams and loads of piss poor teams?

Glasgow Rangers – statistically the most successful team in Scotch football
The rest of Scotch football – absolute rubbish

Positive Equity…….

Not good……
SAFCBlog visitor graph….. Not arsed…..
Tinpot European Footie ✅

Heart Vs Head…….

Kicking myself at this one…..

Heart 1 Vs Head 0 …. FTM


SAFCBlog – Unsocial Isolation Media⚽️

SAFCBlog loves a song, didn’t ever think I’d post this song, as it just means too much in so many ways, those that know, will know…. stay home, stay safe & FTM…….

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Isolation, Isolation, Isolation……. @GoldieFTM @stevew_pfc @jonstokoe @Charlie65600364 @steveovo3 @YfrontFanzine @happylady1605 @Yorktone @sunderlandafc11 @bet4bettor @LadSunder @OuthwaiteG85…

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Isolation, Isolation, Isolation……. …

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@pannalgolfclub Agree 100% – I cannot believe any members would be asking for a rebate? I’d give them it and tell them to not come back. We all get lots from our respective golf clubs – they need us to be there for them now more than ever….

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