It’s a Deal…. it’s a Steal….. it’s …….

It’s a deal, it’s a steal, it’s….

NETFLIX SERIES 2, TAKE 2, EPISODE 4….the vast majority of this episode focuses on the League 1 transfer record fee paid for Will Grigg.

“Au Revoir Josh…. au revoir 1-0 wins…..”

Will Grigg

It may still work out for him at Sunderland, so far it hasn’t. We paid over the odds, but.., I like most others felt he would score the goals to fire us to promotion. He’s not performed, he looks like a man who doesn’t want to be here. I’d love it to work out for him, he’s a footballer, yes…. but he’s a young man and it looks like he carries a lot on his shoulders. New start when we come back Will – there’s no reason for you not to tear this league apart🔥⚽️

“Seems expensive Alfie?”

RH…. they’re asking silly money

SD…. one last shot, £1.25 million, take it or leave it now, that is it

JR…. he’s nooooo worth any moore than £1.25 million, not a chance, he’s just nooooo worth it

SD…. up the offer

RH…. I don’t think that’s the right thing to do….. at this point this doesn’t make financial sense at all

SD…. do one last shot at £2 million and say that is it, we can’t do no more

SKY…. Sunderland have had an offer of £3 million, rising to £4 million accepted for Will Grigg

Just incredible viewing……

It isn’t Stewart Donald’s fault that Grigg hasn’t performed. He openly admitted he paid too much, I genuinely believe his heart is in the right place, just a shame that we were part of the learning process….

Sunderland 0 Wigan 3’000’000

Sunderland 1 Blackpool 1…..

With the scores level, Grigg rounds the keeper and rolls the ball wide of the open goal…….. if he scores that, it may well have been different? It’s not Stewart Donald’s fault Grigg missed, but….. he gambled …..and sometimes when you gamble….. you lose, (lots more on that when I look at episode 6).

“Another disappointing night Jack?”…….”och aye, I was torn between a lined cardigan and this soft wash fine knit merino number – I didnae Ken wa the weather would be……. pished off I tell yae”

That podcast……

Whilst they rode into town promising transparency, had pints, had selfies etc, it meant they had to be open to criticism…….

CM…. “we’ve got so many interesting questions where Stewart and I could add some value and making *micro man down the pub* comments…… it’s just not on discussing individual employees in public……. that’s just not fair”

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