“It’s been 7 hours and 460 days…..”

League 1 football is desperate, so why are we missing it so much? The truth is for so many of us, the 90 Minutes is the reason, but not the meaning…. like most others I’ve got loads of mates who watch SAFC – I’ve never really questioned why we go, but to be entertained by a feast of football, would I reckon be much lower down the list than I’ve always gone, it’s better than staying at home, I feel like I should…… whilst we are owned by a pair of shithouses, it’s hard to imagine such phraseology being used to promote the club.

Lincoln Away – ‘what else are you gonna do on a Saturday?’

A life without football…..

It’s shite isn’t it? I know we’ve got games on TV now, but it’s just not the same is it? SAFCBlog has never just been about the match, but a lack of games makes the fundamental aspect of the blog, (previews and reviews), somewhat awkward. I’m hanging in there but it’s tough going thinking of stuff to write about…..


There’s a strong case for each proposal. No football means, no journeys, no previews and no reviews – but then I think back to the inception of SAFCBlog………. earlier than usual for the game, we decide to go to the Teeside Transporter Bridge, it’s closed, buy a blog domain, meet a man in a car park and swap 72 cans of Coke for 7 giant Leeks…..

So ‘football is back’…… but not as we know it…..but the madness will return!

Nothing Compares 2U

Strange, deceased pop star Prince wrote this, Irish nut job Sinead O’Connor sung it beautifully – but I’m miserable enough with no footie, so we’ll give that a miss eh? Won’t be long til we can have a proper day out…..

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