Jack Ross… the Best, (dressed), Man for the job.

SAFCBlog had tentatively looked at International Break as potential down time? No chance…. too much happening re: takeover etc.

Whilst it’s natural to be a little bit giddy…..

Sunderland winning the FA Cup
Imagine bringing the FA Cup home???”

….. SAFCBlog has always been firmly behind Jack Ross; he took on an absolute shithouse of a team, for the first season in ages we sailed on the calm off the pitch; he didn’t quite get the job done last season… but we’ll piss the league this year I’d say? Nice bloke …and……. he is cool as you like!

Football is a great game, beyond the game, there’s so much more… banter, laughs, excitement, hope, fear, disappointment, joy, friendship, camaraderie etc aside… if you’re of a certain age; fashion is a huge part of the game? Coats, haircuts, trainers, badges, socks, hats etc…. with this in mind, a well dressed manager is a massive plus?

Prior to Jacks arrival, we’d had a torrid time on the touchline…..


Jack Ross... The Best, (Dressed), Man For The Job.
Saturday afternoon fever….”
Jack Ross best dressed man in Sunderland
In MACK we trust…..”

And all because the lady loves Milk Tray…..”
Jack Ross... The Best, (Dressed), Man
Very few men can mix zips and buttons with such flawless ease…..”

Saturday sees a trip to Accrington, no worries for Jack here… John Coleman offers no threat….

Deliveries round the back please pal……and as quick as you can please?”
Suits you sir……. circa; bloke from Teeside at Thirsk Races…”

Tuesday night brings a real challenge though? Paul Warne looks sharp I’d say?

You Warne it well……”
Given it’s still September and it’s still Jumper/ shirt combo Weather, Jack should be OK? Big coat weather….. and it would be a very close match up????

As with anything in life, competition is healthy? SAFCBlog had earmarked next months trip to Lincoln City as a possible banana skin for Jack…. news that the Cowley Brothers have joined Huddersfield is a welcome tonic….

The Cowley Brothers
The Cowley Brothers…..

Onwards and upwards.

We’ll be massive soon!


Jack Ross... The Best, (Dressed), Man For The Job.