Jack ross departs – the final word

Tomorrow Sunderland begin their search for a new manager; it’s no secret that SAFCBlog has the upmost respect for Jack Ross. He ultimately paid the price for not taking us up last season and not kicking on this season. With the UK making an arse of its departure from the EU, “Sexit”, was a much more clinical process.

Whilst I’m not Stewart Donald’s biggest fan…. He spoke really well on the radio earlier, he’s clearly close to Jack and it’s obviously been a tough call? Ultimately it didn’t work out for Jack? But…,,.

  • Jack is a class act
  • Despite not being able to take us forward, he got us sailing on the calm for the first time in years
  • Sometimes a relationship just doesn’t work out? Managing SAFC is a massive job

So, it wasn’t to be, but let’s remember that football is real life; it wasn’t to be, but SAFCBlog wishes Jack all the very best for his future in the game.

Jack Ross Departs - The Final Word

Thankfully music is on hand to save the day….

Jack Ross Departs Sunderland
He wore it well
Jack Ross Departs SAFC
Miss you…..
We go again, who’s next through the door?
New day tomorrow…..


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