Jack ross – How’s it going to go at Hibernian?

jack ross hibs manager

No shortage of Jack Ross articles over the last few months at SAFCBlog, so will try and avoid going over old ground. In this article, I’ll look at what went wrong at SAFC and how it can hopefully work at HFC.

Jack at Sunderland…. what went wrong?

  • The expectation was too big? We had a run of 4 games in October which yielded 12 points, 3 of these 4 were ugly wins, and whilst we hammered Southend – they were fucking dreadful. At this stage, the feeling, (perhaps assumption), was we’d go up – and didn’t even need to be that good?
  • The above point created a culture of draws being ok? 19 draws is too many, (simple maths, but it’s 19 points from 19 games!) We could have lost 10 of the games and still pissed the league?

Jack Ross - How’s It Going To Go At Hibernian? 1 - 1 draws
Draws = shite?
  • We are a poisoned chalice, ownership is chaotic. Put mildly – SAFC is a tough gig!
Jack Ross - How’s It Going To Go At Hibernian? Jack Ross sacked by SD
A haaaaaaaa
  • There was criticism that Jack was too negative? We definitely drew a lot of games 1-1 having gone 1-0 up that we’d have won if we’d kept on the front foot? Even if we lost the odd one, the points differential would have been favourable.
  • In relation to the above point, many fans were frustrated by him playing 1 up top, especially at home…..
Will Grigg – rubbish
”to be fair, after our owner signed this fella, the job was fucked?”

  • SAFCBlog was a big fan of Jack, that said, my main criticism would be, he wasn’t brave enough, in his first 44 games, we only lost 3. Crucially after each of these losses, we won the next game. Sometimes losing is not the end of the world?

Had plenty of Hibs fans reading the blog this week. I’ll be honest, my knowledge of Scottish, (scotch? Never know which is correct?), football is limited…..

  • I know plenty of Rangers fans from England games
  • I used to cheer on their national team, but…… they never seem to enter the finals of the Euros or the World Cup anymore?
  • A pal of mine supports Hearts, so I take in a few SPL games each season
  • My beloved dad, (miss you every fucking day pal), was born in Easter Road
  • Jack is clearly a very articulate, intelligent man. It doesn’t bother me, but he was roundly criticised for a lack of emotion during games. I guess when you’re winning, you look cool, when it’s going shite – you’re open to criticism? Whilst I don’t expect him to be shouting and bawling….. the next photo is of a melee at Wycombe, when their substitute had, (under orders), clattered Watmore, (23 year old who’s done his cruciate twice), whilst SAFCBlog is very much a lover not a fighter….. I’d definitely have taken my hands out of my pockets?
Fight at Sunderland v Wycombe Jack Ross watches on

So here’s a few thoughts……….

  • Promotion was the remit so II guess Jack failed?
Jack Ross leaves Sunderland  and heads to Hibs
Losing in the 96th minute at Wembley – horrible


  • Jack inherited a load of deadwood?
  • There was undoubtedly a rotten core?
  • We were and continue to be a complete basketcase of a club?
  • Grayson and Coleman didn’t even come close to getting it right?


  • Maybe coming so close, wasn’t a failure after all? I guess we can evaluate this come what May?
  • Someone will get it right eventually? But…… Jack was the only one to come close for sometime?
Jack Ross and Sunderland at Wembley
Wembley = depressing


I genuinely believe he’ll do well at Hibs. As I alluded to earlier, my knowledge of the SPL is limited at best. I’d imagine the pressure to win every game will be less? The population of Edinburgh is almost twice that of Sunderland….. if we are competive we average 40’000 in a heartbeat! That’s fucking bonkers?

Sunderland at Gillingham
638 mile round trip on a Tuesday night you say? “
  • Hopefully he’ll be left to it by the hierarchy at Hibs?
  • Time will tell, but I reckon we had a tough dressing room to manage? (Lord McGeady and Can’t be arsed Grigg as a hypothetical example?)

Lots of love from Hibs fans Re: McGeouch ….. I wrote an article in the summer, stating that I’d expect him to prosper as the best midfielder, (Maddison aside), in L1. He’s a fantastic passer of the ball, he doesn’t look like any hassle, but……

  • He’s great at football
  • He doesn’t play
  • No idea why? Shite at training? Good at drinking? I’ve no idea – but something’s not right?


I genuinely believe it’s a great appointment for Hibs. A really good man and all the evidence to suggest he’ll do a good job. If we lose on Tuesday night, SAFCBlog will take advantage of a free Saturday on 30 November and go and watch Hibs play Kilmarnock…… as luck would have it I’ll have a train to catch…….

So a trip North of North on the horizon?

Edinburgh the home of Hibs
Edinburgh = decent

SAFCBlog firmly believes that Phil Parkinson is the right man for the job, I loved JR… but just like a relationship, a job etc … sometimes things come to a natural end? But….. can’t help thinking that maybe, just maybe the green half of Edinburgh might as just be about to experience something good happening???