Jack Ross new Hibs manager?

Jack Ross new Hibs Manager

Jack Ross new Hibs Manager?

Nothing confirmed yet, but Jack Ross looks nailed on for the 3rd/4th biggest job in scotch football? 

Probably going a bit early with this, but SAFCBlog has a good track record of predicting managerial movement / being premature, so may as well post it now. Deleting articles is dead easy, (hopefully once the dust has settled on the Lesbian Feedback, I’ll be in a position to republish the excellent SAFCBlog 2020 Charity Calendar Article?

When the fun stops – STOP! Wise words SKYBET, since collecting a few grand on Parkinson, I’ve not had a bet – it’s great that you care so much about your punters? Anyway, I fell off the rails and had £200 at 9/2 on the Jack Ross new for Hibs Manager market, (just another lucky guess?). 

Anyway, it looks like JR will be appointed Hibs boss tomorrow; there was speculation linking him to the Hearts job, but that was never ever going to happen.

Edinburgh is a great city and it’s a great job for Jack?

Edinburgh the home of Hibs


Sunshine on Leith

My beloved dad was born in Easter Road, and whilst Leith is somewhat different 76 years later – it remains a wonderful place for so many reasons.

A lot has been said and written that Sunderland was perhaps just too bigger job / jump from St Mirren for Jack – but…. I know a huge cross section of Sunderland fans, and I’d challenge anyone to tell me a bad word that’s been said or heard about Jack?

Ultimately he failed at SAFC? But the margins are minuscule….. a deflected 96th minute goal at Wembley…….

Jack Ross new Hibs Manager

Jack Ross at Sunderland

Football …. “best game in the world?”

“it’s not the expectation that hurts….. it’s the hope”

It’s no secret that SAFCBlog was a fan of Jack Ross, following Sunderland has been mostly shite for quite a long time now. Aside from being the sharpest dressed man in football, Jack did lots right……


  • He came into a complete shitstorm and steadied the ship, after years of shame, (pissed up players, drink-driving, refusing to play, AJ….), Jack got the dressing room sorted
  • He’s a top bloke…. lots is said that being a nice guy etc , doesn’t cut it? Well…. I go to all the games and it does matter… Big Sam couldn’t be arsed to talk to me in the pool in Dubai, Moyes never connected with the fanbase, I quite liked Dick Advocat and whilst Chris Coleman was a nice fella – he didn’t know what day it was? Jack Ross…. top man, always happy to chat – he also handled his departure with class, and 2 weeks after his sacking he kept a Q & A date with a supporters branch – just a good man. Yes, it doesn’t always get results? ….. but never, ever forget that football is real life?


  • It’s been said to death, too many draws. I genuinely believe we created a culture of not losing games, 19 draws! Lose 10 and win 9 and we piss the league.
  • The general feeling about his time at SAFC, is top bloke, possibly too bigger job?

Jack Ross New Hibs Manager too many draws at Sunderland
  • Whilst the expectation was for us to gain promotion, Hibs is a slightly different situation? From afar, the 2 main objectives are…. don’t lose to Hearts and finish above them AND avoid drawing Celtic and Rangers in the cup for as long as you can?

SAFCBlog a fan of Jack Ross

Anyone who reads the blog regularly will know I was a huge fan…..

Jack Ross new Hibs Manager

Return of the Jack….”

Jack – it’s mostly fucking freezing in Edinburgh, you got a few ‘soft knits’ that Parky can have? He looks like a fucking tramp / unmade bed


Paul heckingbottom outgoing Hibs Manager


Keep the coat pal”

Jack Ross SAFCBlog Favourite

Jack…. what size coat are you??

I’ve got plenty of coats – no further comment”

Best of luck Jack from SAFCBlog

So….. delighted to see Jack land a decent job so soon. All the very best from all at Sunderland Jack….


Hibs had a bad few months….. it really is a Brand New Start……

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    1. It’s an often discussed point south of the border – for example, why are Scotch Pies not called Scottish Pies? Always appreciate the feedback though. Cheers

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