Jack Ross….. “Sending Out A(SOS)”

Saturday Afternoon Fever❤️

Jack Ross is the manager of Dundee United, they just been dicked 7-0 by some Dutch Jobbers and 4-1 by the 4th best team in Scotchland, (about the same as Wigan or Reading), we used to draw 1-1 when he was here, with the considerable value of hindsight we should have got stuffed a few times rather than getting 19 points from 19 games, but what the fuck do I know?


You Are What you Wear(side)….

Who Cares What Football Managers Wear?

“Aye weeman, ya wee pish bastard, ya shouldae seen tha shite clobber that wee man Coleman left, ya ken me ya wee bastard, ooooch aye🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿“

Of course it matters……

As recently as yesterday, it came to the fore…… Conte is cool as you like, the other bloke has the look of a emu on acid who drives a van for DPD. Only one winner there?
Akin to Souness comparing mens football to err mens football, this could run and run?
4.50pm > jobs fucked❌ we stay in the abyss❌ tie length✅ cuff resting on watch✅ zero sweat on light blue✅

Suspect this will run & run? Results on the pitch are one thing, to call out The King of the Fine Knit Merino Softwash 30° Cycle, is Le Differente Kettle du Poulet🇫🇷

This Blog Is Shite….

Aye✅ I’m ok with that✅

“Hello Jack, I love the way you dress we could share flip flops…..”…… ”ooooch get ma security asap ya wee pish bastards…..”

24 Hour News….

It’s a bag of shite responsible for Covid fear, incoming recession,etc etc….. but here at SAFCBlog HQ, (**), there’s a line, dissing what Jack wears is crossing said line….. FTM

Keep yourself nice folks…… First up = best dressed….

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