Jack ross the very last word…..

Now that the dust has settled on the departure of Jack Ross SAFCBlog is going to have one more look at his time and what lies ahead? SAFCBlog always alludes to never, ever look back…. be it work, relationships, decisions.never look back….

Jack Ross... The Very Last Word
Never look back…….

With this in mind….. Super Kev, Keano, Mick McCarthy etc are all a big NO for SAFCBlog…. sentiment has no place, before you know it you’ll have Solskaar or DiMatteo on your hands?

There will be all manner of shite online over the next week or so, SAFCBlog will be pinning it’s colours to the mast as and when appropriate….Obviously, a tracksuit manager is not where I’d like to see the club go. It’s not yet the time to speculate, but just to reiterate the importance of looking smart, a few of the early candidates have caused the odd eyebrow to raise….

Next Sunderland manager?
Wycombe gaffer Gareth , (red diesel), Ainsworth….
no pal, I couldn’t give a shit if you’ve got some tarmac left at a good price”
Next Sunderland manager?
Early favourite………..
here have a dollar,
in fact brotherman here, have two,
two dollars means a snack to me,
but it means a big deal to you….

Parky Next Sunderland manager?
SAFCBlog preferred choice… Phil Parkinson
scruffy clobber and a really shit haircut…. but that can be easily fixed?
if takeover works out we can even get him some false teeth?”

Jack Ross... The Very Last Word
Un homme dans un gare isolee,
un vailse a ses cotes,
des geux fixes a froids,
mome de la peur parsquill,
se fourne pour se cacher”

It wasn’t to be for Jack, (maybe one job too soon?). Lots has been commented re: the criticism of him via social media platforms; SAFCBlog will always stay classy. Social media is here to stay… for me; the owner of a huge club shouldn’t be on Twitter engaging with anyone who can type? But I understand why this may appeal to certain types of people?

It’s easy/a cheap shot to dismiss Social media? But….. just like every generation cites its youth as the worst?…. perhaps it isn’t always so bad?

7 months in for SAFCBlog…..

  • It’s been a huge healing process for my grief?
  • There’s been some real laughs?
  • Its become clear that if you take enough random photos, you get the occasional gem?
  • It’s reunited me with some old pals?
  • I’ve even made a few new pals? Albeit only talking manshite about trainers and coats over Selby way… it made a real fucking difference pal.
  • Social media perhaps not so bad after all?
  • As the saying goes,I’ll see things you’ll never see?

Farewell jack and the best of luck…. whilst the catalyst for this blog wasn’t about people departing onto pastures new, I wish you well….. I really do



and remember….. never look back, only forward; sadly sometimes people just fade away…enjoy every day

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