Jack ross watch….. back in the game.

Match report of today’s win vs MK Wimbledon’s will be online later tonight. Whilst the mainstream media, somewhat naively, continue to concentrate on results and the 90 minutes; anyone daft enough to read SAFCBlog will know Jacks choice of clothes on Wednesday night has caused quite a stir…..JACK ROSS WATCH

So we have the best dressed manager in the EFL….

Jack Ross Watch..... Back In The Game.
Jack Ross – Cool as you like.

Out of the blue on Weds night, Jack pitched up to work, (the match), in a tracksuit!!!!!

Why Jack?
After Wednesday nights shocker at Sheffield United Jack Ross is back in tehe game

With nowt better to do, SAFCBlog followed the example of Boris….. his suspension of the Westminster Council Offices, introduced us to a great new word…. Prorogue! Without the need to trick the Queen, was Jack Fashion Watch finished? It was decided to implement Prorogation until seeing what Jack wore to work today…….

The road to ruin………


….. Jack back on track?

Thankfully Jack saw sense, and the Jacksuit didn’t appear today. I’m still waiting for my official media pass from the club, so don’t get to interview Jack… I can only assume he read SAFCBlog and realised the error of his ways?

Jack Ross Watch..... Back In The Game. against MK Dons
JACK ROSS WATCH “Thank fuck for that…..”
Jog on Jack Ross
Even if you fancy a jog on the pitch, no need to wear sports wear Jack?

Prorogation lifted

Match report online shortly



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