Last Week vs This Week vs Next Week @ SAFCBlog

This time last week we were beating SWFC, this week we got the job done, next week…..?

Friday Night…..

All go at SAFCBlog HQ…… with you soon love…..”

8, (eight), kips to go…..

Everyone will have their plans, enjoy⚽️ I’ve got a fantastic weekend planned in London with some really good people. What if we lose? I’ve made the decision to not consider this, but it will be tough, very tough

So Near so VAR…..

We’ve got VAR next Saturday, on balance that’s got to be a good thing? I’m assuming we will have proper refs rather than the usual division 3 muppets?

Division 3 ************, (deleted pending advice>@safcblog)

Thought of the, (Kris), Day….

“The voice of reason 🌎”

“Good Evans……”

Game of opinions, we all get stuff wrong etc….. Corey Evans has been awesome the last 8 games, he came in for a bit of criticism early season…..

  • I liked him pre Xmas, not appropriate to compare to Jordan Henderson, but just as JH always puts a shift in and has made potential Carabao Cup losing finalists who moan like fuck, to being Champions of Europe…. every team needs a workhorse?
  • He had a few crap games in January
  • He is vital in our potential success next Saturday

Alex Neil…..

The stats say it all, he’s a class act, I love him. He just knows best, whether it be taking Doyle out of the firing line, or shoring up the defence? He’s 100% the man, 100%

Management ✅ clobber ❌ dreading his suit next Saturday…..think a butcher on a day out at Ripon Races…….. Once my new pens arrive, I’ll finish my SAFCBlog Venn Diagram, but as a betting man…. shit shoes, shiny grey suit and shit tie, are all likely to feature?


Most, (*), reading this probably assume I’m a professional journalist type…..

Long old season, I’m fortunate to have the time and resources to watch a lot of games, the beauty of an occasion like this is our footballing family is bigger than ever. Game of opinions as I’ve often cited, but huge day next Saturday…… seeing Kris Day and Gaz Summerson on Wembley Way and winning the game, and the jobs a good un🌎


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